Best Waterfowl Blind Bags and Hunting Packs – A Waterfowler’s Review

Finding the perfect fit for your hunting needs can be difficult…

And when shopping hunting blind bags this can definitely be the case.

Does it ever feel like there is a new company that shows up almost daily in the waterfowl world? Sure, new companies mean new products and more competition means better prices.  But man…..sometimes with all the options, picking the right product is a total crap shoot.

But don’t worry, over the years I have owned enough of the severely underwhelming products to point you away from the heaps of junk and lead you in the direction of something that is actually useful!

Choosing the Best Hunting Blind Bags


This is actually harder than it sounds.  Have you every purchased something that looks good in the store only to have it completely fall apart of fail you in the field?  That happens to me FAR too often, and its SO frustrating!!

If you are a hunter, and specifically a waterfowl hunter, you know the importance of a good solid blind bag.  Something with plenty of pockets and storage….something that fits PERFECTLY over the shoulder and is easy to carry with all the other stuff you find necessary to lug into the field.

Brand name is not always good enough!

Everyone has their “favorite” brand, more than likely because you have found products of theirs in the past that have treated you well.  And hey, that’s great.  I have my favorite brands too, however, with a new player almost daily….there are A LOT of really great hunting blind bags……do yourself a favor and don’t settle on the safe pick based solely off of brand name.

I am VERY CONFIDENT that after a few short minutes of reading my top 8 choices for “Best Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bags”, you will have a far better understanding of what you are trying to get out of your hunting bag.

So with that being said…… your review!



Waterfowl Hunting Bag

Best hunting blind bagALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Packs

Looking for lots of storage?  A TON of pockets?  Or how about a hunting blind bag made of non-absorbing, closed cell foam, sealed by a completely WATERPROOF membrane?  Well, thats exactly what you get with the Deluxe Delta Waterfowl bag buy ALPS OutdoorZ.

This blind bag hits all my waterfowl hunting needs.

If storage space and plenty of pockets are at the top of your needs list look no further.  This blind bag has a TON and honestly, its BIG.  In fact, I often feel like I have more room and pockets than I know what to do with.

However, the really nice thing about this bag is on the inside.  The main storage has removable interior dividers, allowing you to completely customize your storage space.  With all of the dividers in the bag, it has 3 smaller compartments on each side and one larger compartment down the center.

Keep in mind, the DELUXE sized blind bag is BIG.  So if you don’t want or need something this big, there is a LARGE version available.

Forgot your headlamp?  

No worries, this bag has got you covered.  That’s right, it even comes with a removable LED light for working in the dark, which is the norm for us early morning marsh walkers.  Note that the light is not large or bright enough to be your main source of light for navigating in complete darkness, however, it works great for rummaging through your blind bag in the dark.

And that’s not all…..

As if all the pockets, storage space, waterproof body, and included LED light weren’t enough….it has a TON more super convenient features.

I really like the clear, waterproof plastic zipper pocket on the underside of the “lid”.  Its PERFECT for cell phone, wallet, car keys, hunting license, etc.  I like how big this pocket is; it’s not your “barely get your hand inside” pocket which is far too common it seems.

Another sweet feature is the side thermos pocket.  I have never seen any other hunting blind bags with a spot for your thermos, so that is unique and extremely convenient. Something I really like is that the thermos pocket is on the outside of the bag….I have often times filled my entire hunting bag trying to stuff a thermos and a box of shells inside…..NOT the case here.

The jacket sleeve on top is nice.  This keeps your bulky jacket out of the storage space and allows easy access.  The hard sunglasses case is a neat feature providing protection and safe keeping for your sunglasses until they are needed.

This is one of the best hunting blind bags I have found and that is why I rank this my EDITOR’S CHOICE, giving it 5/5 stars in this review.

Drake Waterfowl Blind BagDrake Waterfowl 2.0 Hunting Blind Bags

Now here is a name you know and can count on.  Really have yet to have a bad Drake Waterfowl product and this bag is really no exception.

I’ve got a buddy that swears by this bag, and while I don’t personally use it, I have seen this thing in person 1,000 times.  In my opinion, the MOST APPEALING thing about this blind bag is THE POCKETS.  Holy smokes does this thing have pockets.  (The large bag has 18, the X-Large bag has 20).

The closed cell padding assures that your bag won’t sink.  And the double vinyl liner adds extra protection from moisture making this ABOVE average in waterproofing.

This is a BIG bag, you should know that before you purchase.  This bag comes in two different sizes, the Large (18″x11″x10″) and the X-Large (20″x12″x11″), making both sizes larger than the ALPS OutdoorZ blind bag we have also in included in this review.

Final thoughts on the Drake Waterfowl hunting blind bags….

The Drake Waterfowl 2.0 hunting blind bags give you EVERYTHING you need.  Comfortable, easy to carry, TONS of storage space, TONS of pockets, above average WATERPROOFING, and pretty remarkable DURABILITY. The added features such as the sunglasses holder, adjustable gun case loops, shell and choke tube elastic loops on outer facing pocket, and the thermos/jacket sleeve put this bag above most of its competitors.

This bag also gets 5/5 from us. 

 Mossy Oak Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting Pack

This is perhaps the wildcard hunting bag of the bunch.  And what I mean by that is, I personally do not own or have seen this bag in person, however, the reviews are fantastic.  In fact, the only knock I have been able to find on this bag is that it does not work GREAT for a cooler…hmmmm.

Mossy Oak is a trusted brand and has established themselves in the minds of hunters across the country, so that is a plus.  Plenty of pockets for storage and has a HARD bottom which I personally prefer in a blind bag.

The dimensions are good, 11″x13.5″x10″, so there is ample room for all of your hunting gear. After look at some pictures, I can see why someone may have tried to use it as a cooler.  There are no dividers on the inside of the bag, just one large compartment.

The bag is water resistant, but not waterproof.  There is, however, a zipper pocket on the inside of the bag this is WATERPROOF, which is a must.

And my final thoughts….

Honestly, I want to try this bag.  I am intrigued after reading the reviews on amazon.

It appears to be one of the more straightforward hunting blind bags.  Roughly $60, waterproof pocket, storage pockets, plenty of room in the bag itself, hard bottom….all the needs appear to be met.

Duck Hunting Bag

Alps Hunting Blind bag review

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bags

If our #1 choice sounded nice, but you didn’t need all the bells and whistles or even that much space, this blind bag might be what you are looking for.

One of the most important features of the top hunting blind bags is waterproofing ability, which this knocks out of the park.  Keep in mind, this is listed as a floating blind bag, which it does float, however, it is not meant to be loaded with gear and floating in the water for the duration of your hunt.  Your stuff will get wet if this is your place, so be advised.

With that being said, the waterproof sealed membrane and non-absorbing closed cell foam body does a GREAT job of keeping your gear safe and dry, even with the accident dip or drop into the water.

Looking for a hunting blind bag with good storage space without overdoing it?

Look no further, this is exactly what you will get.  This is the perfect bag for wade and shoot hunts.  It offers you plenty of storage space for the necessities and still gives you the ability to keep it attached to your person without getting in the way.

The interior divider gives you two separate areas in the main compartment, perfect for shells, snacks, extra gloves, etc.

Two side pockets, as well as the pocket on the front of the bag give you extra space for batteries, a headlamp, whistle, etc.

Final thoughts on the ALPS OutdoorZ floating blind bag….

You get a well constructed, waterproof bag with the ability to withstand the accidental dip or drop into the marsh without worrying about soaking all of your hunting gear.  It will do a great job of keeping your gear dry when it encounters water, however, your things will get wet if submerged or left in the water for a long period of time.

With a comfortable shoulder strap, weight of under 2 lbs, and enough pocket/storage room for all the essentials without all of the added bulk of a larger bag……this is THE PERFECT bag for wade and shoot scenarios.

Note: This bag will get wet if you plan on floating it/submerging it in water for a long period of time.

Banded Air II Waterfowl Hunting Blind Bags

The Banded Air II is another example of a great smaller sized blind bag.  If you are looking for something that offers space for the basics and does not take up much space, this is a solid option.

It states this is a floating blind bag, however, I like this more as a dry field hunting option.  The polyester material might wick away a small amount of water, but this bag is not meant for a large amount of water.

For hunters looking for a compact bag that offers room for a few boxes of shells, a flashlight, a couple game calls, a few snacks, and a spare hat or socks, this is a perfect bag.  I use it when I’m laying in the snow goose decoys for storing snacks and as a headrest.

What it is….

A fairly inexpensive, compact, basic hunting blind bag that offers just enough to make carrying all the odds and ends into the field a little bit easier.  A really great headrest.

Great option for early season hunts when shells and calls are more important than extra clothes and gear.

What it isn’t….

This bag is not waterproof.   Also, if you are looking for something to store extra clothes in addition to shells, calls, etc….this is not your bag.

Thanks for reading our review of the “5 Best Hunting Blind Bags”.   As always, we would love to hear any feedback from you. If you would like to  see a specific product review or even see us add to our current 2018 blind bag review, send us an email!

And be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel for the latest from RYG! Happy hunting!

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