No matter what outdoor activity you’re into, the best headlamps are hard to come by. I’ve gone through dozens of headlamps through the years and most of them were junk. So I felt a good list of the best headlamps would be helpful for those shopping around and looking for honest reviews. For me personally, I use my headlamps for hunting, fishing, and camping mostly. Whether I’m setting up decoys in the morning to pitching jigs at night…I’m wearing my headlamp.

So with that being said, here’s some of the most popular and recent models on the market today.

Boruit LED Rechargeable Waterproof Headlamp

In doing my research, I came across this bad boy and I had to have it included, even though I’m not too familiar with the brand.  The company is called Boruit, and they have a wide variety of headlamp models.  The features included make it a must for the outdoors.  First off, it’s rechargeable.  That’s nice as I burn through batteries often throughout the seasons.  It’s also waterproof to the core, so you can wear it in any weather.  It’s very bright, with LED lights putting off 20 watts.  It also comes with everything you need including extra batteries and a car charger…nice.  And I’m a big fan of the over and around the head styles of headlamps.  To me, they’re more comfortable and stay on your head better.  I use my headlamps for setting up decoys waterfowling and fishing at night, both that require a lot of bending over and such and I do not want it to fall off.  Overall, you’ll pay a tad more for this one but if you want a hunting or fishing headlamp that has it all, this should fit the bill.

PROS:  Rechargeable and waterproof – both are very nice for using outdoors.  Comes with all accessories, and is very bright.

CONS:  Off brand that I’m not familiar with, and is a little more expensive but you usually get what you pay for in a headlamp.

LE LED Battery Powered Headlamp

If you’re looking for a headlamp that won’t break the bank, this one isn’t too bad.  It’s battery powered, and runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It’s in the middle end for brightness, so it’s not going to wow you with it’s brightness.  It does have the over and around the head design which is nice for comfort and keeping it still on your head.  It has 4 power modes, which some do like, but for me I just normally use the high powered version.

PROS:  The price is right on this one, usually around or under $10.  It comes with batteries, which is always a plus.  It’s very lightweight as well.

CONS:  It’s not the brightest and you’ll want to carry extra batteries when using on high for long periods of time.

GRDE Zoomable LED Headlamp – Rechargeable

This is another headlamp that has to be in the list, especially it being an Amazon bestseller.  It’s another rechargeable headlamp that claims it can last thousands of hours.  It comes with all the accessories needed to keep it charged, and has a brightness of around 1800 lumens.  What’s interesting about this headlamp is that it’s adjustable so you can use it around your waist or as a desk lamp, unique to this model.  It is a little heavier, but most heavy duty headlamps are.  Lastly, it is zoomable so you can adjust how much light you want at what distance.

PROS:  I love anything rechargeable over changing batteries, so that’s always a pro in my opinion.  It’s an Amazon Bestseller so it’s widely use and respected.  Zoomable feature is pretty nice rather then just standard light.

CONS:  A little heavy, weighing over a pound.  And a tad pricey for a headlamp, but if it lasts…does that matter?

MsForce 6000 Lumen LED Headlamp

Okay, so if you’re not afraid to spend more and get a nice headlamp, then you may want to check out the MsForce headlamp.  It’s a whopping  6000 lumens, we’re talking – BRIGHT.  It comes with all the bells and whistles too including rechargeable batteries, waterproof exterior, and multiple modes.  And since I always mention it, it has the over the top head design…which of course you can see.  And it comes with a 7 year warranty, something I’ve never seen from any headlamp.  It comes highly reviewed, so for the price you may want to run with this model.

PROS: This outdoor headlamp is SUPER bright, and you can control the beam.  Plus as mentioned above it’s rechargeable and waterproof, good for anything outdoors.

CONS:  This is a newer company so of course they’re building the brand.  It’s more expensive, but you’re getting a heavy set of LED lights with this one.

Petzl STRIX IR Tactical Headlamp

I don’t think you can do headlamp reviews without throwing in a couple Petzl models, so here’s one I’ve been eyeing.  The STRIX has multiple color modes, including infrared which isn’t normally seen on headlamps.  This has a multitude of uses in the outdoors, especially for hunting…and the camo color is handy as well.  Like all Petzl headlamps, they are on the upscale side pricewise; but you’re getting a solid headlamp from a trusted company.  The only thing I don’t like is it takes 1 battery.  I’d like to see it in a rechargeable.

PROS:  Strong brand, can change directions easily as well as colors.  Slick camo.

CONS:  Not rechargeable

Nite Lite Nite Sport II LED Outdoor Hat Light

If you’re looking for something different then your traditional headlamp, then you may want to give the Nite Sport II Light by Nite Lite a look.  First off, as you can see, it’s not a headlamp per say.  It’s actually a hat light, and not just any light, but a BIG light.  It’s extremely bright with big LED lights.  It also is rechargeable so you can use again and again.  It runs for 20-60 hours on a single charge, and starts to strobe when the battery gets low (which is nice).  Naturally, the stronger the beam the shorter amount of light time you will have.

PROS:  Rechargeable and very bight – a change from the normal headlamp.

CONS:  Heavy and a bit bulky

Fenix HL60R Rechargeable LED Headlamp

This is another LED headlamp that’s worth noting.  It features 900 lumens, pretty strong for the size.  It’s also rechargeable and comes with all the batteries and accessories you need.  It’s very light, which is a plus if you’re going to be wearing the LED headlamp for a long time.  And it has various power settings depending on how much light you need.  And since we’re talking hunting, may as well chalk up the camo version.  It’s really a nice looking unit.

PROS:  Lightweight LED headlamp – rechargeable, and bright and has a lot of good reviews

CONS:  A bit pricey for a mid to upper range light.

So there you have it.  A nice selection of lower to upper range units and the best LED headlamps you can find right now.  There really is so many out there that it’s hard to narrow it down, but when you compare must have features and brands; it can be tough.  But in the end, you gotta go with your gut and don’t be afraid to pull out your wallet for a quality LED headlamp.  You will be happy you did.

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