Muddy Pro Harness Review

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Editor’s Note: I saw Lukas’ story on Facebook and I knew this would be a good reminder about the importance of safety harnesses.  I know someone with permanent back injuries due to falling out of a treestand.  Safety first!

I run the Muddy Pro Harness system for bow hunting out of tree stands. The product is awesome and very lightweight coming in at 1.5lbs.  

They’re equipped with added shoulder straps for a very comfortable fit and mesh backing.

They also feature quick-release buckles for the waist that are very nice and quiet and release very easily! No metal-on-metal noise is an added bonus.

Tree strap and tether strap are included, all needed for use is a quick latch hook. Another great thing about this product is its 1 size fits most. Straps are very easily adjustable for your torso. Also, the product folds up nicely to fit into a backpack/takes minimal space to travel with.

Overall, I would give this product a 5/5 as it just saved me from injury/death over the weekend on a freak tree stand malfunction/equipment failure and I’ll continue to always have my Muddy Harness on when up in the tree!

faulty tree stand
This tree stand literally fell apart while I was sitting in it. Had I not had my archery harness on, it could’ve resulted in serious injury, or worse.

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