Best Snow Goose Decoys for 2018 – Full Body Decoy Review

Are you just getting into the snow goose hunting game and looking to build your spread? Or maybe you are like many snow goose hunters and know the frustrations of hunting snow geese? If you fall into the latter category you know that any advantage a hunter can get in this game is worth the investment.  That’s where I found myself and why I decided to build a spread with the best snow goose decoys I could find.

The process of deciding what to buy was also something I struggled with and as a result I owned almost every option currently on the market. So with that being said,  here is a review of all the best snow goose decoys available for 2018 in terms of full body snow goose decoys.  My hope is that this helps you make your next decoy purchase a little easier. ( Note: Are you an outfitter?  Check out the outfitter website design at Flyway Media.)

One piece design
Good movement
Great Price
Above average realism

One piece design
Average paint durability
Good in winds


One piece design
Very Durable
Good in high winds


Two piece design
Very Durable
A+ Realism

snow goose decoyssnow goose decoys

 Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade Snow Decoys

The Greenhead Gear waterfowl decoy line by Avery Outdoors is no stranger to the average waterfowl hunter, and for good reason.  Over the years they have grown a reputation of having one of the most realistic and competitive decoy on the market regardless of species. Their snow goose full body decoys are no exception!  The two things that stand out the most are the ultra-realistic detail and the above average motion system.  Seems like every year Avery comes out with a more realistic, more affordable, and more hunter friendly snow goose decoy.  The Pro-Grade line offers two different body positions, both semi-active and feeder position.  These offer four different head positions, adding realistic variety to the decoy spread.  In my opinion, aside from their ultra-realistic attention to detail, the RealMotion II system is the best thing these decoys have going for them.  I think most snow goose hunters would agree that its all about motion in the snow goose spread!  The RealMotion II system adds great movement in little to no wind.  This would be the EDITORS CHOICE and takes “NUMBER 1” honors in terms of full body snow goose decoys.


  • One piece design is a must.
  • The attention to detail in the size, shape, and pain schemes is second to none.
  • RealMotion II system gives above average movement.
  • Price of less than $250/dozen and you really cannot go wrong here.


  • Not a whole lot of negatives here, but if I had to be super picky I would question the ring bases and/or field stakes in high winds.

full body snow goose decoys

Dakota Decoys Full Body Snow Goose Decoys 

I have personally spent a fair number of time snow goose hunting over the Dakota full body snow goose decoys so I know this product inside and out. As any seasoned snow goose hunter knows, any advantage you can get over the next guy only increases your chances of a successful hunt. This decoy provides plenty of advantages over the average full body goose decoy.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me is the durability of this product. The newer model of this decoy is made of the new white molded soft plastic or EVA model, whereas the older model is made of a painted hard plastic. When running a large number of goose decoys, as is common when talking snow goose hunting, having to worry about durability is a deal breaker. That’s why the new EVA molded plastic model is a game changer! Say goodbye to chipped paint, scuffed decoys, and broken heads. These decoys are meant to be hunted and hunted hard easily holding up to the abuse of set up and take down, as well as being thrown around in the trailer without any consideration for their well-being.

The next advantage that really sticks out to me is the ring-base system. There are two options with this decoy as they come with both the ring-base system as well as the field stake option. I prefer the ring base system personally and set up time is the same with both options. The custom Wind-Walker motion base system allows for movement on higher wind days, but I would like to see better movement in lighter winds. The bases are heavy so high wind days are no problem as far as keeping your decoys in an upright position. I have hunted 40mph wind days without any major issues. The only downfall here with the bases is they are slightly bulky so they do take up some space when compared to the field stakes.


  • The durability of the EVA molded plastic eliminates any paint issues as well as broken and chip pieces of decoy that you encounter with your standard painted, hard plastic full body goose decoy.
  • The heavy ring bases hold up great in heavy winds to eliminate tipped over decoys.


  • The ring base system does not allow much movement in light to moderate winds.
  • If you are limited on trailer space and needing to take the decoys off the stake system after each hunt for stacking purposes, it can be very time consuming.
  • Ring bases are heavy.

real snow goose decoys

Final Approach Last Pass HD Full Body Goose Decoys

Final Approach has been in the waterfowl game since 1993 when it invented the very first laydown blind.  It has since grown the company and has some of the more popular decoys on the market today.  The full body snow goose decoys by Final Approach are an interesting product.  Final Approach prides itself on both realism and durability which is evident with their custom quality and high visibility paint schemes.  The attention to detail in their product line speaks for itself with 5 unique head positions all the way down to the walking-like appearance offered in their full body snow goose decoys shown above.


  • The attention to detail is evident with 5 different head positions, the realistic feet, as well as above average quality texture and feather detail in each decoy.
  • Durability is above average and the paint scheme seems to hold up well.


  • The price is a bit steep when compared to other comparable snow goose decoys on the market.
  • I also am not a fan of a two-piece goose decoy which these are.

snow geese decoys

Tanglefree Pro Series Full Body Decoys 

Next on the list is the snow goose full body from Tanglefree Decoys. Recently Tanglefree has started to make noise in the snow goose game and for good reason. Their full body snow goose provides hunters with a good quality decoy at a good quality price. The one piece system is a must and they did not skip any details with their ultra realistic paint schemes! The decoys are larger than the GHG full body snow goose decoys providing a more visible decoy. Durability is solid and paint seems to hold up well to the usual wear and tear of snow goose hunting. I like that you get both field stakes and ring bases for each decoy. Price is average coming in around $300/dozen.


  • Love the change to a one piece body as this improves durability and lost heads.
  • Paint seems solid
  • Heavy ring bases are nice in high winds.
  • I also like that you get both the field stakes and ring bases giving you options depending on conditions.


  • Slightly larger in size than the Avery GHG snow goose decoys and stacking them into the trailer, especially with the ring bases attached can be a bit bulky.
  • The heavier ring stand also eliminates packing these in and out by foot.

full body decoys

White Rock Collapsible Snow Goose Decoys 

White rock may not have the years behind their company that many of the other well known decoy companies do, however, they have made a quick name for themselves when talking about snow goose decoys.  They were the first on the scene with their launch of the first windsock offering a collapsible back support and since have moved into developing all styles of decoys.  The latest is their 4 year creation, the collapsible full body snow goose decoy.  The idea of collapsible full body snow goose decoys that packs away and is as mobile as a decoy spread of windsocks is something that has a lot of people very excited!  This is a great decoy for someone dealing with limited space in their trailer/truck, or anyone who needs to carry a large spread in by foot.


  • Weigh less than 5 pounds per dozen with the stakes included is special in itself, making it possible to pack in a large amount by foot if the situation calls for it.
  • Another benefit of the lightweight decoy is they move in little to no wind.
  • The paint and durability of these decoys is good for what they are supposed to do and if any problems do arise, White Rock is very good about standing behind their product.


  • There is concern with the decoys taking full shape in cold weather.
  • Also see issues with the Friction Fit Motion System in high winds.  They use a rubber washer that is inserted into the stake to minimize movement and if inserted too far into the stake it is nearly impossible to remove.
  • I would like to see a ring base stake system for these as getting stakes in a frozen ground is a concern.

There it is!  A review of 5 of the best snow goose decoys in terms of full body decoys on the market heading into 2018.  If you have a product you would like to see reviewed please comment below and I would be happy to review it.  This section will be updated as new products are made available.  Also don’t forget to check out our waterfowl layout chair/backrest review.  Happy hunting!

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