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We’re a hunting & fishing podcast that talks anything and everything Midwest Outdoors.  We also add your typical guy stuff – you know, food and beer…and with a Midwest flavor we hope you enjoy!  We’re a podcast that keeps it real, with a family feel.  See you on the water and in the field!

Podcast Episode 24 - So much fishing and hunting topics, I can't name them all!

Season 1, Episode 24

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Episode 24

On this week’s hunting and fishing podcast, Chris and Jason look forward to pheasant hunting opener.  We also discuss ice fishing, waterfowling, snow goose migration, gear reviews…  All this and more on this episode. 

Season 1, Episode 24    |   43 min

Podcast Episode 24

Season 1, Episode 24

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Meet The Podcast Hosts

Chris Hustad

Chris Hustad

Jason Renner

Jason Renner

Join Chris Hustad & Jason Renner as they talk the Outdoors, with a Midwestern feel & perspective.  There really is no limit to the discussion, and we keep it clean, so the whole family can listen.  This is a hunting podcast or fishing podcast that we feel you will enjoy.

While hunting & fishing are the main topics, you’ll hear us talk the usual guy stuff that we’re hoping you want to hear.  We work hard and we play hard, and we have a lot of stories & information to share.

We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoy making it!  Without you, there is no Review Your Gear Radio.

Thanks for listening! ~ Chris & Jason

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