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We talk anything and everything surrounding the Midwest Outdoors.  We also add your typical guy stuff – you know, smoked meats, beer, jerky…and with a Midwest flavor we hope you enjoy!


About RYG Radio

Join Chris Hustad & Jason Renner as they talk the Outdoors, with a Midwestern feel & perspective.  There really is no limit to the discussion, and we keep it clean, so the whole family can listen.

While hunting & fishing are the main topics, you’ll hear us talk the usual guy stuff that we’re hoping you want to hear.  We work hard and we play hard, and we have a lot of stories & information to share.

We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoy making it!  Without you, there is no Review Your Gear Radio.

Thanks for listening! ~ Chris & Jason


Chris Hustad

Chris Hustad


Jason Renner

Jason Renner


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Live Every Sunday @ 8pm

Recent Episodes

Episode 3 – Fishing Tournaments, Fish Tacos, and Trolling

We break down what’s going on in the fishing tournament world around the Midwest, Fish Tacos, and EVERYTHING walleye trolling!

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast.  And look for us THIS SUNDAY MAY 24th LIVE at 8 pm at

Recent Episodes

Episode 2 – Cooking Waterfowl, Beer, Post-Spawn Fishing, and Smoked Meats

We talk about how to cook large volumes of waterfowl, bad beer, fishing in the month of May, and good ol’ smoked meats…

Season 1, Episode 2    |    41min

Past Episode

Episode 1 – Pilot

We talk mostly fishing and a little bit of hunting in the initial Pilot for Review Your Gear Radio.  Had to start somewhere!

Season 1, Episode 1    |    44min

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Walleye Tacos Recipe

It seems like every time we make these walleye tacos someone is asking for this quick and easy recipe, so I figured I'd share it with all of you. This walleye taco recipe has become a staple in our household and anytime we bring fresh fish home, we make them that...

Spring Walleye Trolling Tips for Serious Walleyes

I love finding efficient ways to catch walleye. And in the springtime, one of the most overlooked techniques is shallow water trolling where the big girls reside. It’s no surprise that an article such as this comes from me. I’ve been preaching about the effectiveness...

A Guide’s Life – Being a Fishing Guide in 2020

If you're a fisherman or fisherwoman, you have certainly heard the term “the guides life”. Or you hear people say all the time “oh it must be rough being a guide”. I get it, at first glance it seems glamorous to be able to fish every day.  For those of you who aspire...

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