Best Fishing Rod Holders for your Boat

Best Rod Holders

Updated with new rod holders for 2023!  I spend A LOT of time using fishing rod holders in boats. At first, I thought, listing the best rod holders will be easy.  But with so many new competitors jumping into the space, and at great prices, it’s changing the way people buy and use them today. […]

What is a Tournament Angler?

There’s a question I had never given any thought to asking until the North Dakota House hearing held on February 3, 2023. What is a tournament angler? Not sure if it was because I already knew the answer or the fact that I really had never given it any thought. Either way, a survey was […]

Ginger Soy Smoked Salmon Recipe

smoked salmon recipe

This has to be my favorite smoked salmon recipe out there.  Our window for trolling for salmon is short, so we like to prep our fish for the long term. While I’m literally a fan of ANYTHING salmon, this one is off the charts! If you already have a smoker, this is actually quite an […]

Best Cordless Drill & Auger Setups on the Ice

Cordless Drill Ice Auger

Updated 09/30/21 for the upcoming ice fishing season… Are you looking for the optimal cordless drill ice auger combination?  The good news is, I’ve done all the homework and research…and I have a killer setup.  After a long couple winters of testing my new cordless drill ice auger, I was able to drill dozens upon […]

Mike Peluso Outdoors Ice Fishing Giveaway

Mike Peluso Outdoors

We’re excited to announce a FREE ICE FISHING OUTING courtesy of Mike Peluso Outdoors in the infamous Devils Lake, ND region! This is for a FREE Day of Ice Fishing with Mike, with a date that you set up. To enter, simply fill out the form below.  We will pull 10 semi-finalists on Tuesday, September […]

Walleye Egg Rolls Recipe

Walleye Egg Rolls Recipe

Every once in a while, a gem pops up in social media that is too good not to share.  Well, this is one of those times… If you follow Review Your Gear, you know I fish for walleye, A LOT.  And with that being said, I’m always looking out for new and interesting recipes for […]

How to Rig & Fish Creek Chubs

Walleye Fishing Podcast

This is a continuation article series on how to properly fish creek chubs and rig them properly.  You can read about how to trap & fish creek chubs here. Creek chubs, as I’ve talked about many times on both articles and our podcast, are great big-fish baits.  They’re usually big and feisty, and for various […]

Fish Cleaning Station Dos & Don’ts – Don’t Be That Guy…

Fish Station 101

It took some time, maybe even decades, but boaters have really figured out the dos and don’ts at the boat ramp. We all have seen it, that guy who backs down the ramp and unloads all his stuff and starts undoing everything. It’s definitely not a common thing to see anymore. Maybe those guys have […]

Fishing Planer Boards & How to Use Them for Walleye

Planer Boards Review

Updated for the 2021 Season! Fishing planer boards have been around a while now, and while they get used by many anglers, I still feel most ignore them completely.  I can really see why they are a lot of added “work” in your trolling and some guys don’t want to bother.  But there are so […]

How to Make Walleye Rigs of All Kinds

Walleye Rigs

One of my earliest memories as a kid walleye fishing was using walleye rigs.  If you’re a walleye angler and haven’t used or heard of a Lindy walleye rig, then you’re missing out on a piece of walleye history.  Let me explain. In the early days, there was a product that came out that changed […]

Bottom Bouncer Fishing 101 for Walleyes

Bottom Bouncers

A fisherman from South Dakota invented the bottom bouncer a few decades ago, and it was arguably one of the most notable changes in walleye fishing we’ve ever seen.  There are so many ways to fish bottom bouncers, making it one of the most versatile tactics for walleyes and other species. Bottom bouncers can be […]

Creek Chubs Guide – How to Catch, Trap, & Keep Alive

Creek Chub

Updated for 2021! If you’ve never used a creek chub for fishing, you’re missing out.  There’s something about them that makes fish SNAP almost every time.  They’re a large, feisty bait that creates a lot of attention in the water.  And when properly rigged, the mixture just means FISH!  And don’t get me wrong, fishing […]

Slow Death Hooks & Rigs for Fishing Walleye

Slow Death Walleye Fishing

One of the love-hate relationships I have in walleye fishing is slow death fishing. While I love what a proper slow death rig can do, it’s using crawlers that is my least favorite part of fishing late spring and summer. Crawlers are messy, they get everywhere in your boat. But when the timing is right, […]