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6-3 Getting Jiggy With It

Sponsored by Wild Thing Charters – Fishing Charter in Marco Island, FL 4 Bears Casino Cup Does Any Place on Sakakawea Cash as Many Checks as Shell? Prettiest Tournament Run in America What Does it Mean When a Boat Brand is Flooding the Market with Used

fishing podcast

6 – 2 We’re Going Deep Like the Walleyes on Sakakawea

Bad Storm Rolls Through Lake Sakakawea 2024 NWT Tournament Schedule Comes Out Four Bears Tournament Preview How Deep Will the Walleyes Go This Season? Tough Break for Young Anglers in the DWC Some Idiots Got Caught in NY Stuffing Weights in Walleyes – Where Have


6-1 The Podcast is Back in a New Season

North Dakota Governors Cup Montana Governors Cup Dakota Walleye Classic Max Wilson Pulls Off NWT Win Yar-craft Releases New 210 Model – First Takes Best Places To Camp in North Dakota 2nd Half Tales from the Chub Tank Best Discontinued Crankbaits Hook Line & Sinker


5-25 NWT Updates, Fishing Gear Reviews, and LOTS of Tips

Sponsored by Wild Things Charters – Operating a Marco Island Fishing Charter NWT Results Out of South Dakota LOTS of Rain Around These Parts – Sorry McQuades Softball Tourney Kicker Motors – 9.9 vs. 15-horse motors Bottom Bouncer Gimmicks Tales from the Chub Tank Tournaments Coming

Best Rod Holders

Best Fishing Rod Holders for your Boat

Updated with new rod holders for 2023!  I spend A LOT of time using fishing rod holders in boats. At first, I thought, listing the best rod holders will be easy.  But with so many new competitors jumping into the space, and at great prices,

What is a Tournament Angler?

There’s a question I had never given any thought to asking until the North Dakota House hearing held on February 3, 2023. What is a tournament angler? Not sure if it was because I already knew the answer or the fact that I really had

smoked salmon recipe

Ginger Soy Smoked Salmon Recipe

This has to be my favorite smoked salmon recipe out there.  Our window for trolling for salmon is short, so we like to prep our fish for the long term. While I’m literally a fan of ANYTHING salmon, this one is off the charts! If

Cordless Drill Ice Auger

Best Cordless Drill & Auger Setups on the Ice

Updated 09/30/21 for the upcoming ice fishing season… Are you looking for the optimal cordless drill ice auger combination?  The good news is, I’ve done all the homework and research…and I have a killer setup.  After a long couple winters of testing my new cordless

Muddy Pro Harness Review

Editor’s Note: I saw Lukas’ story on Facebook and I knew this would be a good reminder about the importance of safety harnesses.  I know someone with permanent back injuries due to falling out of a treestand.  Safety first! I run the Muddy Pro Harness

Best Video Cameras for Hunting Fishing

Best Video Camera for Hunting – Start Filming Your Hunts

Updated best video cameras for hunting for 2021/2022! I started filming hunts back in 2004, and have been having fun doing amateur video ever since. I get it, I’m not George Lucas and never will be…but I like having decent video cameras to capture memories

Saskatchewan duck hunt

Pea Field Dreams

I’ve been a duck hunter for as long as I can remember.  I was fortunate enough to have North Dakota as my playground in my younger days.  Most notably, the late 90s and early 2000s (the wet years).  I saw feeds that I thought were

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