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Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report 6-12-18

If you're looking for a Lake Sakakawea fishing report, I can tell you, the time is now (and should only get better)...  We put in at Dakota Waters landing near Beulah, ND and ran FAR west.  We fished the Skunk Bay area, and a lot of good walleyes came at 10-15 feet. ...

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How to Encourage Kids to Go Fishing

As a father of 3, I find it at times challenging in this day and age to get my kids out fishing.  In the era of technology, and my kids are loving it, it also takes away from the time kid's spend outdoors.  Personally, I feel there is a place for it, but at the end of...

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Post Spawn Walleye Trolling – Lake Oahe, ND

WHERE: Lake Oahe, (North Dakota side) WHEN: May 12-13th WHAT: Trolling Walleyes with Crankbaits WATER TEMP: 54 Degrees Well it's that time of year on one of my favorite lakes here in North Dakota, Lake Oahe.  The spawn has concluded across most of the lake...

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Trolling Reels – Best Fishing Reels for Trolling

By now, you're probably getting sick of me talking about my love for trolling for walleyes.  If you've read any of my reviews here at Review Your Gear, you'll know that I have quite a fancy for walleyes.  And I've become used to trolling...A LOT.  Is it my...

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The Ultimate Walleye Trolling Guide

Hi, my name is Chris, and I'm a crankaholic... Yes, I will admit it; I have a problem. I love to fish and when open water season warms up, I love walleye trolling. And not just any walleye trolling, I like to take an efficient approach to my fishing. Let...

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Best Fishing Tackle Bag – 2018 Review

Choosing The Best Fishing Tackle Bag In my opinion, aside from your fishing rod and fishing reel, the purchase of your first fishing tackle bag or tackle box would qualify as next most important task on the list of fishing basics. And if you have been...

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Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Review – Food Saver System

If you are considering purchasing a vacuum sealer or even if the thought of a food saver has crossed your mind from time to time, stop the thinking and take action.  I was on the fence on if it was really necessary, but due to the large amount of fish and...

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Complete Guide To Finding Morel Mushrooms

The first signs of spring are here and morel mushroom hunters across the country are anxiously waiting for their favorite time of year!  The days are getting longer, temperatures are on the rise, and snow soon changes to rain.  The once boring, dead...

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Best Rain Gear for 2018 – Rain Gear Review

I still remember the very first (and last) time I found myself in the elements and completely unprepared.  I was on a spring snow goose hunt and the weather was fairly nice, hunting was slow.  There was a massive rain and ice storm headed our way and we...

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Best Binoculars For Your Dollar – 2018 Review

Finding the best binoculars to fit your need is important, whether you are watching that elusive buck chasing does through the snowy November cornfield or enjoying the company of a new visitor to your bird feeder.  Looking at all of the binocular options...

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Best Turkey Decoys for 2018 – Turkey Decoy Review

When spring rolls around it's time to start thinking about hitting the woods.  The sights, sounds, and even smells of the woods are like nostalgia for a grown man.  There's just some things that occur in nature that remind you of a higher power, and turkey...

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Best Turkey Calls in 2018 Review

When it's that time of year, it's hard to beat the anticipation and the sounds of the woods...spring time! When you get down to it, besides the shotgun turkey hunting is an affordable sport for most. From camo to turkey calls to turkey hunting vests, once...

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Best Camouflage Pants of 2018 – Camo Pants Review

Whether you are the casual weekend warrior or the die hard, hunt for a living hunter, camouflage pants are a must.  Everyone needs them, everyone owns a pair, and they make up a vital part of every hunter's wardrobe.  If its one day or a hundred days each...

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Turkey Hunting Vest Review for 2018

There's just something about spring turkey hunting that gets in your blood.  It's not just a chance to kill something, it's a whole experience in the woods.  The sights, sounds, and smells of the spring can really get an outdoorsman excited.  Besides...

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