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4-18 The Waterfowl Hunting Podcast

Introduce Miles – Getting into Waterfowl Photography Duck opener is next Saturday Reports from up north on waterfowl What are the duck hunting essentials? When to hunt water vs fields? Tales from the Chub Tank Anything tougher than snow geese? Best snacks for the blind?


4-17 – We’re Not Clever For a Fancy Title Edition

Sponsored by Flyway Media Online Marketing. Yar-Craft Got a Serious Bath – Yar-Craft Tournament Coming up on the 24th Best Way to Clean Boat Floors and Carpet? Can you still beat Hot Sauce for boat detailing? What to look for in a fiberglass boat these days?

4-16 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

Cooler Morning Temps Making it Feel Like Fall Lots of Bands on Canadas This Year, At Least by Recoveries Canada Migrator Spreads a New Thing First Signs of the Migration Started Up North Walleyes Moving DEEP Tales from the Chub Tank Salmon on the Chow

fall hunting podcast

4-15 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

Bees!!! Big Velvet Buck Taken – 176 unofficial – cool story… Best Ways to Catch Salmon When They Go Shallow Last Fishing Tournament of the Year Just Over 2 Weeks Ahead Tales from the Chub Tank Switching my Trolling Rods to All Mono Best Way

Cordless Drill Ice Auger

Best Cordless Drill & Auger Setups on the Ice

Updated 09/30/21 for the upcoming ice fishing season… Are you looking for the optimal cordless drill ice auger combination?  The good news is, I’ve done all the homework and research…and I have a killer setup.  After a long couple winters of testing my new cordless

Mike Peluso Outdoors

Mike Peluso Outdoors Ice Fishing Giveaway

We’re excited to announce a FREE ICE FISHING OUTING courtesy of Mike Peluso Outdoors in the infamous Devils Lake, ND region! This is for a FREE Day of Ice Fishing with Mike, with a date that you set up. To enter, simply fill out the

Walleye Egg Rolls Recipe

Walleye Egg Rolls Recipe

Every once in a while, a gem pops up in social media that is too good not to share.  Well, this is one of those times… If you follow Review Your Gear, you know I fish for walleye, A LOT.  And with that being said,

Walleye Fishing Podcast

How to Rig & Fish Creek Chubs

This is a continuation article series on how to properly fish creek chubs and rig them properly.  You can read about how to trap & fish creek chubs here. Creek chubs, as I’ve talked about many times on both articles and our podcast, are great

Muddy Pro Harness Review

Editor’s Note: I saw Lukas’ story on Facebook and I knew this would be a good reminder about the importance of safety harnesses.  I know someone with permanent back injuries due to falling out of a treestand.  Safety first! I run the Muddy Pro Harness

Best Video Cameras for Hunting Fishing

Best Video Camera for Hunting – Start Filming Your Hunts

Updated best video cameras for hunting for 2021/2022! I started filming hunts back in 2004, and have been having fun doing amateur video ever since. I get it, I’m not George Lucas and never will be…but I like having decent video cameras to capture memories

Saskatchewan duck hunt

Pea Field Dreams

I’ve been a duck hunter for as long as I can remember.  I was fortunate enough to have North Dakota as my playground in my younger days.  Most notably, the late 90s and early 2000s (the wet years).  I saw feeds that I thought were

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