4-18 The Waterfowl Hunting Podcast

waterfowl hunting podcast

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Introduce Miles – Getting into Waterfowl Photography

Duck opener is next Saturday

Reports from up north on waterfowl

What are the duck hunting essentials?

When to hunt water vs fields?

Tales from the Chub Tank

Anything tougher than snow geese?

Best snacks for the blind?

2nd Half

Who’s Got the Most Tricked Out Waterfowl Blind in North Dakota?  Blake Lawrence


  • Feds Reverse the Waterfowl Importation Ban on Birds


  • North Dakota Getting Serious on Mergansers


  • OSU Embracing Waterfowl Hunting Off The Field


Best way to cook waterfowl?

Ammunition Available….Finally

Are Custom Choke Tubes Necessary?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Best alcoholic beverage to dine with ducks?

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