Top 10 Boat Accessories for Fishing You Really Need

Boat Accessories for Fishing

It is official; my mindset has switched from ice fishing to open water fishing.  Almost like clockwork, I attend one sports show and drool over new boats, open water tackle, fishing boat accessories, and a wide range of campers now on the market.  Upon leaving the venue and entering into the remaining months of winter’s […]

Sure Fire Ways to Fish Walleyes in the Spring and Summer

Fish Walleyes

From knocking the snot outta them one day to thinking maybe you should take up knitting. That’s what it feels like to fish walleyes.. The thing with walleye fishing is there are so many different ways to catch them. Everything from a simple, slow approach to fast and aggressive; there’s usually a technique that’ll work. […]

The Ultimate Walleye Trolling Guide

Walleye Trolling Guide

Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m a crankaholic… Yes, I will admit it; I have a problem. I love to fish and when open water season warms up, I love walleye trolling.  And not just trolling for walleyes, I like to take an efficient approach to my fishing. Let me explain… First off, if […]

Glide Baits – Which to Choose?

Glide Baits

The Rapala Jiggin’ Rap isn’t even close to being a new glide bait, but its’ popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.  The one-dimensional ice fishing bait has found a new home in the vast majority of boats. However, the competition has caught on.   We now have choices to really hone in on our target fish; […]

The Skinny on Fox River Rods (Review)

Fox River Fishing Rods

Google fishing rods and you will be overwhelmed with the number of options out there (about 98 million results). Well, I’m here to make your decision a little bit easier. Just like most anglers, I always had a hodgepodge of different brands in my boat. I couldn’t find that one brand that I was set […]

Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing for Giant Walleyes

Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing

Lake Winnipeg is known for its walleye ice fishing.  In fact, it’s home to the famous “Green Back Walleye,” on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.  It offers the best chance at landing a 10+ pound walleye through a hole in the ice.  For years, prior to social media becoming such a giant influence, this lake […]

Setting Up a Humminbird Helix for Ice Fishing

Humminbird Helix for Ice Fishing

You had your eye on it for a while, saved up some money and now its time. You got your new Humminbird Helix for ice fishing! Going through the settings can get a little confusing, so hopefully, after reading this you’ll have a little better understanding and have your Helix set up for ice fishing. The […]

Sleeper Ice House Must Haves for Any Ice Fishing Trip

sleeper ice house

I like most of you primarily fishing out of portable ice houses. Every once in a while though, it’s nice to just show up and fish! Over the years of renting sleeper ice houses, I always think to myself “Man I wish I would have brought…” Hopefully, I can help save you from the headache […]

DIY Ice House Lights for Portable Shacks

DIY Ice House Lights

I’ve never been one to leave things stock.  There is just something about taking an idea and producing a finished product.  Some people end up making a good amount of money with their products, like Dave Genz, when he created the original “Fish Trap.”  Since its’ initial entrance into the ice scene, the flip-over shack […]

5 Must Have FREE Apps on your Phone for Ice Fishing

free ice fishing apps

It’s amazing how much technology has changed the fishing industry over the past 2 decades.  I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me become a better fisherman. While some may pull the cheating card, the fact is, that fishing will continue to evolve to the point where fish don’t even have a chance. 🙂 […]

What Makes a Good Ice Fishing Lure for Walleyes?

walleye ice fishing lure

In my eyes, I feel walleyes are one of the most difficult freshwater fish to pattern. Why? Well, for starters, there hasn’t been a real long history on walleye fishing. When I was a kid in the 80s, everything was DEEP, DEEP, DEEP…we all know nowadays that that’s not always the case. Walleye fishing has […]

That First Ice Feeling

Early Ice Fishing

I have the utmost respect for ice, and you have to if you spend a large amount of time on it fishing. I’ve already been walking on the ice for around a month and logged some pretty good outings so far on walleyes. But now as deep winter sets in, I’m getting tired of walk-ons, […]

5 of the Hottest Jigging Spoons on the Ice Today

Fishing Line Knot Tool

The ice fishing scene is changing fast, and the evolution of jigging spoons is no different.  Let me explain. Traditionally, you have a flat lead spoon that is molded into various shapes and sizes.  Add a ring and a hook, and you’ve got yourself a fishing lure. But nowadays, they’ve taken the jigging spoon into […]

Lipless Crankbaits are a Game Changer

lipless crankbaits

Lipless crankbaits are a combination of old and new.  I say they’re old, as I used to throw rattle traps when I was a kid for pike and bass.  We’re talking 20 years ago, so a lipless crankbait isn’t new in that sense. But it’s new in the fact that they’re being WIDELY USED now, […]