Soft Plastic Baits for Targeting BIG Walleyes

Soft Plastic Baits

  Over the years, soft plastic baits have changed a lot.  I mean, have you looked at the selection nowadays in the big box stores?  It’s crazy how many brands there are. Traditionally, plastic worms were the ticket when fishing for bass.  I used LONG worms that stretched around 6 inches. Or you had the […]

Kippered Pike Recipe

kippered pike recipe

I got a flashback on my phone about a memory from 2013 during the Dakota Walleye Classic week. I met a guy who was passing around some kippered pike and let me say, the stuff was AMAZING. I like pickled fish recipes, but this one was literally in a class of its own.  It kind […]

Prairie JUMBO Perch Ice Fishing – What You Need to Know

Jumbo Perch Ice Fishing

This is a 2-part Article Series.  There is so much good information, I didn’t want them split up. Here they are below: First, The Basics of Jumbo Perch Ice Fishing (Feb. 2020). Second, Fine Tuning your Approach to Catching Jumbo Perch (Feb 2021) The Basics of Jumbo Perch Ice Fishing The Midwest is home to […]

Devils Lake Ice Fishing Guide to Winter Success

Devils Lake Ice Fishing

Devils Lake ice fishing is well-documented and is well known to be a world-class fishery.  Each winter, thousands upon thousands of anglers take on this giant body of water, in search of jumbo perch, walleye, and pike (yes, there are white bass and crappie too).  And when you get into a good school, fishing can […]

Portable Ice Shelter Reviews – Flip Over Ice House Style

Flip Over Ice House

Updated 11/9/20 for the upcoming 2021 ice fishing season… So you’re looking to buy your first portable ice shelter and not sure where to look? We’ve provided an in-depth look at some of the most popular and newest ice houses on the market today. We looked hard into durability, price, and features to rank them […]

Best Aerator for Livewell, Cooler, or Minnow Bucket

Portable Fish Aerator

Updated 3/12/21 for the addition of a NEW EDITOR’S CHOICE!  See Below… This has been an interesting season for me to say the least.  I’ve spent more time in search of bait on my own than the rest of my life combined.  I got sick of trying to find creek chubs for my fishing tournaments […]

Honest Engel Cooler Review

Engel Cooler Review

I fish…a lot.  And with that being said, I need a minnow cooler that’ll just keep my bait alive, PERIOD.  I’ve written about the best minnow bucket in the past and rated the Frabill Insulated Cooler with Aerator as the editor’s choice.  That was then, this is now…hence, the Engel Cooler review I’m about to […]

Dakota Walleye Classic 2020 Recap

Dakota Walleye Classic 2020

Tournament fishing is something that’s in my blood.  If you’re a tournament angler, there’s always a few milestones that you pursue in your fishing career.  For me, one of those milestones was to win the Dakota Walleye Classic.   The Dakota Walleye Classic is a 180-team walleye tournament on North Dakota’s infamous Lake Sakakawea.  I believe […]

Best Snap Weights for Trolling

Snap Weights

There’s no doubt that trolling has come a long way, in the last decade especially.  It’s not that some of the fishing methods used are new, but the number of people using them successfully is definitely changing. But if you want my opinion, there’s no easier or efficient way to get a crankbait down deep […]

Walleye Tacos Recipe

walleye taco recipe

It seems like every time we make these walleye tacos someone is asking for this quick and easy recipe, so I figured I’d share it with all of you. This walleye taco recipe has become a staple in our household and anytime we bring fresh fish home, we make them that night. Our daughter loves […]

Spring Walleye Trolling Tips for Serious Walleyes

Shallow Water Walleye Trolling

Updated on 3/17/21 to reflect new baits… I love finding efficient ways to catch walleye. And in the springtime, one of the most overlooked techniques in shallow water trolling where the big girls reside. It’s no surprise that an article such as this comes from me. I’ve been preaching about the effectiveness of walleye trolling […]

A Guide’s Life – Being a Fishing Guide in 2020

Guide's Life

If you’re a fisherman or fisherwoman, you have certainly heard the term “the guides life”. Or you hear people say all the time “oh it must be rough being a guide”. I get it, at first glance it seems glamorous to be able to fish every day.  For those of you who aspire to do […]

Pre-Spawn River Walleye Fishing

River Walleye Fishing Tips

My absolute favorite time of the year has finally arrived.  I know I’m not the only angler that intentionally drives over the bridges crossing the Missouri River just to see what the ice is doing.  I’m willing to bet my wife has heard countless reasons as to why it took me a little longer to […]

Top 10 Boat Accessories for Fishing You Really Need

Boat Accessories for Fishing

It is official; my mindset has switched from ice fishing to open water fishing.  Almost like clockwork, I attend one sports show and drool over new boats, open water tackle, fishing boat accessories, and a wide range of campers now on the market.  Upon leaving the venue and entering into the remaining months of winter’s […]