I’ve never been one to leave things stock.  There is just something about taking an idea and producing a finished product.  Some people end up making a good amount of money with their products, like Dave Genz, when he created the original “Fish Trap.”  Since its’ initial entrance into the ice scene, the flip-over shack has been modified to each creator’s liking.

Some of my favorite DIY modifications involve LED lighting for ice houses.  Whether it’s a strip of white lights to locate the right piece of tackle or a strip of red lights to illuminate your fishing area without spooking any fish, the sky is the limit.

The materials you need for DIY ice house lights can all be found on Amazon or other online retailers. Most hardware stores should have a lot of the items, including tools to complete the job.

DIY Ice House Light Materials

From this point, you’re probably wondering how we’re going to power this. Since the first “ammo box power supply” that was built, there has been a wave of innovations in the portable power pack industry. Dakota Lithium, a Grand Forks, ND based company, exploded onto the scene and continues to make leaps and bounds in the lithium battery industry. Their 10ah Power Box will fit your needs perfectly.

Another option includes PowerWerx’s PWRbox, but don’t forget to add the battery before you venture out onto the ice.

If you’re more DIY-centered, youtube is your guide to completing the ice house lighting setup.

One of the best, albeit longer, videos out there comes by way of JDS Outdoors. Every detail is laid out in an easy-to-learn fashion.

After deciding what you want for materials, figuring out light placement is the most important aspect. I chose to use two strips of white, one on the front cross member and one on the rear. That way I was able to eliminate shadows, plus have dedicated lights in each location. The red lights went on the cross member directly overhead. I enjoy having red lights in the flip over as well as the boat because it allows the user to maintain night vision.

In the end, there’s no wrong way to go about adding some additional lighting to your portable shacks. If you get in a bind, YouTube is your best friend.

Don’t forget to send in pictures of your DIY ice house lights or any modified flip overs ideas if you decided to step into the world of customization.


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