There’s no doubt that trolling has come a long ways, in the last decade especially.  It’s not that some of the fishing methods used are new, but the number of people using them successfully is definitely changing.  But if you want my opinion, there’s no easier or efficient way to get a crankbait down deep then with a snap weight.  Yup, some may disagree as there are a variety of methods for accomplishing this.  While I have a leadcore arsenal ready to go, if you’re trolling really deep it just gets to be A LOT of line and effort.  With snap weights for trolling, you can use your favorite rods and simply clip on and go.  Sure it can be a pain having to un-clip them while reeling in a fish, but I do it so often I don’t find it a hassle at all…

So this brings me to what I consider the best snap weights for trolling, and when I troll, it’s usually for walleyes.  There really aren’t a ton of brands of snap weights, that I know of, on the market.  Traditionally, Off Shore Tackle makes a good product and I have one of their kits.  But anyone that reads my stuff knows, is that I troll with Power Pro line.  And the only way I can get them to work with this line is to double wrap them (which I don’t like doing, and can fail occasionally).  So with that being said, I like to use the Cabelas Snap Weights.  Yes, Cabelas.  They make a clip that is not only great for Power Pro, but it’s also just an all-around solid snap weight clip.  Cabelas sells them in 4 or 5-ounce options, and you can simply buy the clips if you pour your own weights.  They’re made of plastic, which scares me…but I’ve used them enough to know they last.  I usually lose them on a snag before it becomes an issue anyways (I fish snaggy stuff at times).

They do go on sale from time to time, so keep an eye on them.  You can find them online in the Cabelas Shopping Cart.  I always keep a bunch in my boat, I sometimes run as many as 6 of them at a time (2 up front, 4 in the back).  I like to run my lures out about 20-25 feet, then I snap on the weight.  I feel this is long enough to keep the weight away from the lure (and spooking the fish), but also long enough where it’s easy to unsnap the weight without it affecting the fish.  You may find a different setup that works for you…awesome.  So there you have it…the best snap weights for trolling, in my opinion.  Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did.

EDITOR’S NOTE for 2019 – Scheels has now made an almost exact same snap weight clip as Cabelas…AND CHEAPER.  I will be reviewing those this spring and summer.



  1. Does Scheels carry the new snap weight yet? I haven’t been able to find it. Also, Cabelas quit carrying the snaps you show. I loved them as well….now out of luck getting any more.

    • I have seen some at Scheels, I do think they’re selling well.

      And I can’t understand why Cabelas quit selling them??? Thank goodness I still have like 20 haha.

  2. I think those snaps by far are the best I’ve ever used ! I have not had one problem with them and I troll a lot!


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