For YEARS I’ve been searching for the best light for my portable ice fishing house. Seriously, my shop is like a fishing lantern museum.

  • I’ve got 3 “old school” propane lanterns that run off mantles.
  • 2 “old school” flashlights that run off the BIG batteries.
  • And I have maybe a half dozen under-powered LED lanterns that either don’t work anymore, lost the proprietary charger, or flat out don’t cut it.

I should probably sell those, but in all honesty, I’m kind of a gear hog. But all joking aside, they haven’t really made a great ice fishing lantern…until now.

I accidentally stumbled upon my new favorite LED lantern the other month at Walmart. I went down the camping isle, looking for disposable propane and I thought I’d check out there latest lights. At first, nothing stood out until I saw the size and power of the OZARK TRAIL 500 LUMEN model. I was blown away by this little guy, and here’s why!


  1. It’s VERY bright for it’s size. It has 500 lumens, which is pretty powerful for any LED lantern these days…especially at Walmart. This fishing lantern alone, provides plenty of light for my entire portable fish house. It works great as I can see everything, clearly, which is really what you need.  It’s strong enough to light up my ice lures as well.
  2. It last long. It is powered by an internal lithium battery. It also has 3 power modes which can help it last between 4 and even 86 hours on low. I can normally get enough battery life for an outing.
  3. It’s charged by a universal USB port. It comes with a charging cord, and you can use any USB head to charge this light. This is nice, in case you lose the cord, as it’ll charge with almost anything.  It can be charged by a rechargable hand warmer too!
  4. It’s SMALL and portable. It doesn’t take up any room on the floor, and it’s got a built-in hanger underneath. This makes it easy to hang from the top bar of a flip over, or hub style fish house.

This is one serious little ice fishing light! I liked mine so much I bought a second one, just to have for the ice fish house and for camping.

It RETAILS for $24.95 online at Walmart. They had it locally on-sale for $19.99 (hence why I bought another).

If you’re sick of using an ice fishing lantern, you have to check out this portable model!

Ice Fishing Light LED Lantern

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