Season 2 – Episode 7 Topics

Mobridge Ice Tournament

Ice Fishing Tournaments In General

How to Have a Bad Ice Fishing Season?

Why Do You Ice Fish?

Ice Season without an ATV means weight drop time from humping sleds

Best Walleye Techniques Under the Ice

Review of Eagle Claw Ice Rod Case

Best Charger for Small Batteries (Interstate Charger)

What to look for when walking out on the ice?

It’s finally time…I’m buying QUALITY boot spikes.

Best Heaters and what to use for Cooking?

Best Ice House Food

Best Ice House Beverages

4 sided vs. 6 sided hubs? 8 sided?

Found the Max on my Dewalt / Pistol Bit Combo for Drilling (or darn close)

Will ANY drill work?  We assume not.

Bubba Blade – Thing is still awesome

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