4-18 The Waterfowl Hunting Podcast

waterfowl hunting podcast

Introduce Miles – Getting into Waterfowl Photography Duck opener is next Saturday Reports from up north on waterfowl What are the duck hunting essentials? When to hunt water vs fields? Tales from the Chub Tank Anything tougher than snow geese? Best snacks for the blind? 2nd Half Who’s Got the Most Tricked Out Waterfowl Blind […]

4-17 – We’re Not Clever For a Fancy Title Edition


Sponsored by Flyway Media Online Marketing. Yar-Craft Got a Serious Bath – Yar-Craft Tournament Coming up on the 24th Best Way to Clean Boat Floors and Carpet? Can you still beat Hot Sauce for boat detailing? What to look for in a fiberglass boat these days? What are “Must-haves” in any new boat in 2022? Tales […]

4-16 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

Cooler Morning Temps Making it Feel Like Fall Lots of Bands on Canadas This Year, At Least by Recoveries Canada Migrator Spreads a New Thing First Signs of the Migration Started Up North Walleyes Moving DEEP Tales from the Chub Tank Salmon on the Chow Mille Lacs Minute – Sept. 1-Nov. 30: The possession limit is 1. […]

4-15 Finally Feels Like Fall Podcast

fall hunting podcast

Bees!!! Big Velvet Buck Taken – 176 unofficial – cool story… Best Ways to Catch Salmon When They Go Shallow Last Fishing Tournament of the Year Just Over 2 Weeks Ahead Tales from the Chub Tank Switching my Trolling Rods to All Mono Best Way to Maintain Leeches Long-Term 2nd Half First Sings of a […]

4-14 Looking at the Yar-Craft Invitational Tournament on 9/24

I love getting old and finding new ailments… So it looks like Chris has one more tournament left… Yar-Craft Owners Invitational Event on Lake Sakakawea NWT Championship won on Erie Casting Tales from the Chub Tank Off Shore Planer Boards Getting Expensive ($40/board, $30/tattle kit, $18/snap clip) – But They’re Still the Best 2nd Half […]

4-13 – Sure Glad Tourney Season is Over Edition

Sponsored by Flyway Media. Why I suck as a tournament angler…Hate Fishing Crowds Salmon Are En Fuego Early Season Goose – Geese Everywhere Out Here? Tales from the Chub Tank Time to Dove Hunt This Week Dove Hunting Essentials? Mille Lacs Minute Fall Hunting or Fishing Trips Planned? Headlines Tom Cruises’ Son Big into Fishing https://www.tmz.com/2022/08/28/connor-cruise-300-pound-fish-catch-grouper/ […]

4-12 – Post Walleye & Salmon Tournament Edition

4 Bears Casino Cup Tourney Recap Yar-Craft Was Awesome I lost everything AND the kitchen sink JT Snares IN-HAND and Hustad blew it Chubs were the ticket I Found Out My 8.5” Chub Rod IS 2-Piece Great Plains Salmon Derby Recap 9 fish for 51 Smaller fish Can’t keep them buttoned Herring bite finally starting […]

4-11 Prefishing Podcast – It’s Almost Vacation Time

Sponsored by Flyway Media. Had technical difficulty with Logan of the Women on the Water Tournament – Give them a Look on Facebook at Freedom Outdoors Leaving in just days for 10 days of fishing How do you fish that long without getting burnt out? Ways to Get Creative When Pre-Fishing for a Tournament? Tales from the […]

4-10 I Can’t Believe Jason Bought a Camper Edition

camper and camping podcast

Jason Bought a Camper, Woohoo… Camper Unspoken Truths Upcoming and Recent Fishing Tournaments Tales from the Chub Tank New Garmin XR LiveScope Getting Banned from Musky Tourney Trail When Live Imaging Shines 2nd Half Salmon Fishing Report Mille Lacs Minute – July 16-Aug. 31: All walleye must be immediately released. Best Leadcore Fishing Combos?  Best Rod?  […]

Podcast Episode 4 – 9 – The Dog Days of Summer Episode

Fishing on Sakakawea, Especially the Van Hook, is EN FUEGO Best Water Spot Remover for Boats? How to Manage Your Fuel on LONG Run Days? Tales from the Chub Tank Early Season Canada Goose Hunting 2022 – Starts August 15th in North Dakota 2nd Half How do you determine baits and colors for Salmon Fishing? […]

4-8 – We Talk Walleyes and Walleye Tournaments and Gear for Days

walleye podcast

Dakota Walleye Classic Recap Lake Sakakawea is Stupid Healthy Right Now Best Cranks for Suspended Walleyes Still Loving the Scheels Tournament Bait Rod at 8.6 Feet Long Tales from the Chub Tank AirWave Seats’s Customer Service is Awesome Best Live Bait Rigs for Walleye 2nd Half Where is ANS in North Dakota? Mille Lacs Minute […]

4-7 – The Walleye Tournament Edition Podcast

walleye tournament podcast

New boat discussion What boat features are essential today? Fishing Tournament Season in Full Swing Tales from the Chub Tank Unique Ways to Rig Chubs Bottom Bouncers Don’t Cash Checks Air Wave Seats – Are They Worth It? Best Flooring for Boats? 2nd Half How to Take Trolling Game to the Next Level Mille Lacs […]

4-6 A Fishing Podcast Including Chris’s New Boat

Fishing Podcast

Hustad FINALLY Got a Boat! Destination ice fishing trips Leeches, the forgotten fury Best way to fish with live scope or active target? Minnkota Ulterras….why do people still use them? Aka Genesis 2.0 Tales from the Chub Tank Essentials for portable grills? 2nd Half Best Place for a Fall Cast and Blast? Mille Lacs Minute […]

4-5 – The Damn It’s Hot Edition – But We’re Still Cool…

hunting and fishing podcast

100 Degree Temps Are Here – Stay Hydrated My Friends… Lithium Battery Issues Would you run an electric engine on your boat? Tales from the Chub Tank If you could only have one fishing rod…? Track Systems Hype Mille Lacs Minute – All walleye must be immediately released. Can keep one in September, though… 2nd […]