5-23 Snakes, Ticks, and Cacti

Sponsored by Flyway Media Website Designs Summer is officially here…at least temp-wise Tales from the Chub Tank Missouri Reservoirs Heating up Fort Peck Tournament Cranking shallow water tips and tricks What We Know From Using Forward-Facing Sonar How Important Is Water Temperature 2nd Half Best way to carry Lots of crawlers? Best Way to Keep Leeches […]

5-22 Boats and Garden Hoes


It’s Prime Time for Fishing in the Midwest Tales from the Chub Tank Bait Freezers Getting Popular Planer Boards Talk Can you really dial in your bait depth accurately with snap weights? Best Snap Weight Clips Is all Leadcore the Same? What are the necessary components for anyone making live bait rigs? Best Pre-Tied Live […]

5-21 The Hazed & Confused Episode (Thanks Canada)


NWT Event on Winnebago…Results Are In Aluminum vs Glass Debate (or is it really Lund?) Tales from the Chub Tank Spring Salmon Shimano Tekota 600 Failed….no support Best Chub Rod for the Money? (Scheels 8.5) Are There Too Much Fishing Line Options? HB1538 Signed by the Gov. 2nd Half Guess What – Fishing Team RYG […]

5-20 The Fishing & Camping Special

camping podcast

Big Muddy Snubbed from Target Target Is June the Best Fishing Month in the Midwest? When Do You Switch From Jigs to Rigs? Does Jig Color REALLY Matter Anyways? Best Ways to Transport Fresh Fish? Tales from the Chub Tank Would You Pay for a Chub Tank Kit? Tournament Season Has Doubled 2nd Half Camping […]

5-19 Big Muddy – Big Weights – Walleye Tournament in Bismarck ND

Big Muddy Walleye Tournament

Big Muddy Walleye Tournament Recap (Bismarck, ND) Prefishing was Tough – Quality, not Quantity Wind Forecast Dropped Significantly Fish Turned On, Big Time One Hole Produced over 16 30” Fish 55 lbs won 1st place (6 fish) Classic River Techniques Common Mistakes Made on the River Looking Ahead to Hot Weather and Big Lakes Next […]

5-18 The Black Market Bait Podcast – Walleye Tournament Brings Bait Shortage


Tales from the Chub Tank Minnow Shortage is Real – When Does a Guy Start Trapping His Own? When Does It Pay to Do a Freezer Setup Virtual Scouting On X Possibilities Boat Accessories continued… Glove Box Size Are Baitwells DEAD? Best Rod Storage Boat Layouts Carpet Should Be Discontinued Rail Accessory what does a […]

5 – 17 The Big Muddy Tournament Preview Podcast

fishing tournament podcast

Big Muddy Week Tales from the Chub Tank Bass Angler Loses 100k in a Tournament House Bill HB 1538 Passed for ND – Both House/Senate Passed When Jig Color Matters…or Does It? Best Cranks for Trolling Cranks Shallow for Walleyes Tiger Trout – Does ND Really Need Them? 2nd Half Best Boat Accessories 2023 Are […]

5-16 2 Red Bulls and a Microphone Edition – LOTS of Fishing

fishing podcast

Sponsored by Flyway Media – Website Design That Works Putting my decoys away today and waving the white flag Getting the boat stripped and repacked Have a Hard Time Selling Stuff – Pack Rat Yar-Craft 209 is Looking Good Looking Ahead to the Big Muddy Walleye Tournament (Bismarck, ND) Originally, Due to a later date, I assumed […]

5-15 2 Wild & Crazy Guys Podcast


Sponsored by Flyway Media – Hunting / Fishing Guide & Charter Websites Snow Goose Hunting Trip Recap North Winds Bad Hide Nosebleed Geese Solid Partners for a 4-hour Pickup Alps Outdoors Chair Goose Getter Ecallers Current Snow Goose Migration Status Missouri River Update Polarized Sunglasses Is It Too Early for Tales From the Chub Tank? Will […]

5-14 Podcast Following the Spring Snow Goose Migration

Snow Goose Migration Podcast

First-time Snow Goose Hunting in a Pit Very Dry Down There Juvies No Snow Like Forecasted Great Time 2nd Trip Was FUBAR No Farmers Around Almost Died Overnight Due to Smoking Battery Truck Rollover in the Group Round 3 Any Day Close to Home…Still Too Much Snow Patching Gear GooseGetter Customer Service Best Snow Goose […]

5 – 13 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Extravaganza

snow goose hunting podcast

Countdown Until We Leave Spring Snow Goose Hunting Ending up in a Buddies Goose Pit – South of the Snowline Prairie Tornado Outfitters – Thanks for Letting Us Use the Pit Rented a House 7 minutes away 6 Days of Snow Goose Hunting Ahead When the Weather Gets Nasty – Stay Close to the Biggest Roost […]

5 -12 Get Ready for Spring – Hunting & Fishing Stuff


Geese moving up when they can Are ice eaters worth the hassle? Snow Goose Floaters…why do we do it to ourselves? Ecaller Secrets My 12-year-Olds first snow goose trip as a shooter Crankbait Buying Season Now is the time to buy ice fishing gear Put a cork in our ice fishing season Prepping the Yar-Craft […]

5-11 It’s Almost Spring, But Yet It Is Edition


It’s National Puppy Day! – Here’s to the Podcast Puppies (Lily and Hazel) Finally, the weather is going to break in South Dakota (50-degree temps forecasted) Kicking off our Spring Snow Goose Season in SD Sticking to Hunting Pasture Ponds Teaming up with Falling Feathers Lodge (Cody Bruns) – South Dakota Hunting Lodge Chamberlain, South Dakota […]