My hands get cold…easy. It’s a curse for an outdoorsman because we spend so much time out in the cold. I spend a lot of time in the ice house as well as long days afield.  I’ve tested gloves after gloves, only to end up buying the throw away hand warmers. It’s not exactly the kind of long-term solution I had in mind…

So I stumbled upon rechargeable hand warmers the other year and I’ve been addicted since. Seriously, have you looked into these things??? They are AWESOME.

First off, let’s break down the features for pretty much any rechargeable hand warmer.

  • Depending on the brand and model, they can heat up VERY quickly. Keep an eye out for the battery size as that can make a big difference. They all have sided heating, so you can warm your hand up pretty fast.
  • They’re a power bank. You can bring ANY electronic device to full charge. It has a USB port which makes it pretty universal (I use it to charge my phone when I’m out in the field or in the ice house).
  • MOST come with an LED light. Kind of handy to have an extra bright light available, but I’ll admit I rarely use mine.

The key to any battery powered device is to keep it fully charged all the time…that way it lasts. Also, like mentioned earlier, there are models out there with very large batteries which provide many hours of heat.

Seriously, if you get cold hands and want to keep your hands warm…get any battery powered, reusable hand warmer. Electric hand warmers are the only way to keep your hands warm!

Best Rechargeable Hand Warmer We Could Find

I personally own 3 different models and brands, and in some cases they’re the same and in others…different. Let me explain.

The battery size really matters. You can end up spending about the same for half the size battery, so keep a close eye out for that. Also, it’s nice to have heat settings. Some literally get TOO HOT and it’s nice to run it on low (which lasts longer too). Once you get the right temperature setting, the hand warmers stays warm for hours and hours.

Feel free to shop around, or you can take my word for it and go with the best rechargeable hand warmer we could find below.

rechargeable hand warmer

3-in-1 1000mah Recharchable Hand Warmer by BigBlue

Seriously, this is the only rechargable hand warmer you should buy.  I will break it down why…

  1. It has a HUGE BATTERY.  I’ve seen similar electronic hand warmers for the same price with half the battery.  Why?  Not only will this hand warmer last longer, but it’ll charge you devices longer as well.
  2. It warms up QUICKLY.  They advertise that it takes just seconds, but it really takes about a minute.  Either way, it’ll provide cold weather relief in no time.
  3. It’s priced right.  If you want to get this shipped to your door for under $30…you just can’t go wrong.
  4. The big battery can charge your cell phone, IPAD, etc. for a long time.  Literally anything you can charge via USB.

If you’re looking to get a gift for someone that has EVERYTHING – this is a perfect idea!  I think you’ll be happy with the BigBlue rechargeable hand warmers.

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