4-28 – The Sorta Ice Fishing Podcast

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4.28 The Sorta Ice Fishing Podcast

Ice fishing is HERE

How Thick is the Ice on Lake Audubon?

101s for First Ice

Best baits for early ice walleyes

Who Makes The Best Ice Tackle Right Now?

Ice Clothing Going Cheap

Are Sonars Outdated?  Still enjoy fishing with mine…

2nd Half

Smitty Sled Ideas


Now Lobsters??? What’s Happening to Our Favorite Eats???


New Jersey Fish & Wildlife to Vote on Bear Hunting Possibilities


What is Lowrance Releasing on December 1st???

Best Waterfowl Hunting All Year is Now???  Canadas & Greenheads for days…

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Best Gas Station Coffee?

Worst Food, Nationality-Wise?

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