Waterfowl Hunting Layout Backrest / Chair Reviews

It’s that time…time to hunt snow geese! With that being said, the first question for concealment, in my opinion, is blinds or no blinds. And if the answer is no blinds, then I’m assuming you’re wearing white suits. And if you’re wearing white suits, what are you gonna do…lay on the ground??? Heck no, get a hunting layout chair. And if you’re going to buy a layout, there are many to consider on the market today. This layout chair review is designed to help guide you with the right unit for your hunting.

Lucky Duck Gear Down Layout Blind

If there was an EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD for a hunting backrest for hunting spring snow geese, it’d be the Gear Down Blind by Lucky Duck. I have 4 of them, and they’ve held up well the past couple seasons, and I’m pretty hard on gear. It comes in tan camo, which keeps the cost down but to be honest, I don’t like the blanket over the top. And to be fair, I don’t just hate it on this blind, I hate it on ALL of them. The loops are always too loose in all covers, and when you stubble the blind and move around, it falls off. When I hunt spring snow geese, I wear whites anyways so I literally CUT this blanket off. It’s easy to do, takes seconds. When it’s done, you’re left with a perfect backrest for wearing whites. It has a sturdy, adjustable frame and it’s pretty comfortable, and I have a bad back. But I can handle sitting this for a 12 hour day, no problem. It also has a nice headrest that most don’t have, which again, helps on the comfort. It folds up flat quickly and stores easily. You’re going to love this backrest for the price!

PROS: This hunting layout chair is comfortable, equipped with a headrest, adjustable backrest, and a padding to sit in. It keeps you dry and concealed. I’ve also had good luck with their customer service, always a plus.

CONS: Not a big fan of the blanket that covers you, so I literally cut it off. I wish they sold it without it, at a reduced cost.

Final Approach Hot Seat Blind Layout Chair Backrest

Now this isn’t an actual blind itself, but a heated backrest cover.  I don’t own one, but I know people who do and they love them.  All you really need to do is use a blind bag as a backrest support or something along those lines and you’re set.  This thing is really comfortable, and isn’t too expensive.  It claims to be heated without batteries, but I’m not actually sure how it generates heat.  Either way, I wouldn’t feel it anyways through my bibs so it’s kind of a non-issue.  Also it’s long, so you’re butt and the top half of your legs stay dry, which is nice…especially in the spring when you’re hunting snow geese in the mud.

PROS: The price is right on this model.  It also provides solid support for hunting, and isn’t so wide that it sticks out around you.

CONS:  No ACTUAL backrest, so you may want to get creative on how you want to use it.  A blind bag can and will work for most situations, but when you’re sitting all day you want to be comfortable.

Final Approach Up-N-At-Em Blind Chair Seat

The Up and At Em blind seat is interesting as it comes with a good idea in mind.  It has a backrest that follows you up as you shoot for support.  I’ve got a buddy that owns one and I’ve sat in it before and liked it for when I’m sitting up.  It has a decent seat for comfort, and comes in a regular and wide model.  No frills no thrills hunting layout chair is basically what this is.

PROS:  Comfortable seat and has a spring loaded backrest for when you’re getting up to pull the trigger.

CONS:  I had better luck out of this seat when I was sitting high.  But when you’re hunting spring snow geese you want to be LOW and I had problems using this properly for hiding.

Beavertail Sniper Deluxe Lay Out Blind

This is another great layout backrest that’s great for hunting.  It has an adjustable backrest that is great for laying out in the spring and fall.  I will be honest though, I’m not a big fan of any of the hunting blankets when wearing whites, so I remove them for my hunting.  All I’m really interested in is the backrest, so you’re paying for a blanket that may or may not get used.  But some may like it, to each their own.

PROS:  Great backrest with simple setup.  Built well so it should last a long time.

CONS:  Not a big fan of blanket style camo covers.  Could use a pillow style for a head rest.

ALPS OutdoorZ Weekender Layout Backrest

If you’re looking for an affordable hunting backrest, this one may be up your alley.  It’s really a no frills, no thrills type of chair, with not a lot of bells and whistles.  It’s adjustable, so you’re not sitting upright only like what’s featured in the picture.  I highly suggest using a blind bag or something to give you a bit of back support if you’re really looking to layout awhile.  This also folds up small and takes up a minimal amount of room in the truck or trailer.  It’s perfect for hunting spring snows when wearing whites.

PROS:  The price of this backrest makes it affordable for everyone.  Adjustable, so you can lay at any angle.

CONS:  Lacking the structure/frame of a blind, so you may want to use a blind bag for support.  It could also be a tad longer on the bottom, to avoid sitting in the mud if you’re a taller guy.

Beard Buster Glassing Hunting Chair

This is a chair that I’m not too familiar with, but as another cheaper alternative I felt it should be included.  It’s very similar to other adjustable seats on the market, just a different camo pattern (which to me doesn’t matter since I’m sitting on it anyways).  It’s adjustable allowing you to sit and hunt in a variety of angles.  It rolls up and is buckled, so it won’t take up much room in the trailer.

PROS:  It does have a cheaper price tag, which makes it affordable for everyone.

CONS:  It’s from a brand I’m not familiar with.  When researching I’m noticing some complaints of the butt padding being too thin, which is a concern if you’re laying on it all day.

There you have it, the hunting chair reviews from the top products on the waterfowl hunting market today.  To be honest, there really isn’t a ton of options available for those not wanting to use layout blinds.  I’ve also used old school goose chairs, and removed the decoy…which works as a great backrest as well.  If you’re like me and wearing whites while hunting snow geese, then you’re looking for comfort and something LOW profile.  Got any other ideas or options that we didn’t name?  Please comment below and we’ll have it added to this review. Also, be sure to check out our snow goose full body decoy review.  Good hunting!

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