About once a semester during the school year, I yank my kids out of school and take them fishing.  I have no remorse for a day off from school, father/son/daughter time is just as important.  But forget the political side of things, let’s talk about our walleye fishing report!  Throughout the upper river systems in the Midwest, such as the Missouri River that we fish; the spawn is on.  With 70 to 80 degree temperatures forecasted for the next couple weeks, I expect it to go fast this year.

Walleye ReportsIn the mornings, the fishing for us has been a tad slower then the afternoon, while some mornings are downright terrible.  With cooler nights the temperatures fall just enough where the water temps drop a few degrees.  That almost forces the walleyes in a lethargic mood.  But when the sun is out, and the shallow water warming FAST the big girls move up.  Our water temps are around the mid-40’s here.  They’d be a bit higher if they hadn’t let more water out upstream of the dam.  But any way you slice it, the BIG walleyes are going shallow.

When I take my kids fishing, I like to troll crankbaits.  With their ages of 7 and 9, they haven’t quite mastered the art of the jig yet and lose patience fast.  With cranks, they just need to concentrate on reeling or netting the fish.  We fished our entire day between 3-6 feet of water, running #13 Rapala Original Floaters.  The color really mattered in the dirty water, with bright colors such as pink and firetiger leading the way.  We trolled up numerous fish, especially in the afternoon when the water warmed up. We ran planer boards in 2 feet of water off the sandbars as well (they got a lot of action).  We only ran the cranks 35 feet behind the board and between 55-85 on the long lines.  Most fish fell in the lower to middle 20’s for length, so not bad fish at all.

Fishing should only get better over the course of May, of course.  With beautiful spring weather (finally), we can focus on doing what we love here at RYG.  Tight lines…we hope you enjoyed our walleye fishing report for the 4th of May, 2018.

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