This is your Lake Sakakawea fishing report for June 23rd,, 2018…See our last report from June 12th.

The bite continues to be decent on the East End of Lake Sakakawea, although it can be tough some days.  A week ago, a shallow bite was a guarantee…now the fish are starting to slide.  We tried pitching jigs/minnows in areas that had been productive and nothing, so we were forced to switch gears.  We started trolling Mallard Island in a variety of depths.  It wasn’t until we hit the windblown side that we started putting walleyes in the boat.  There was a handful of mudlines and we starting trolling through them at 14 feet of water with crankbaits.  We literally threw every style crank available, but purple #9 flicker minnows produced the most and the biggest fish.  Slick Purple Bengal, a combination of gold/purple, was by far the hottest crankbait of the day.  Using split shots was a MUST, as there was a lot of surface debris in the water.  Without it, your crankbait will foul up in minutes…

Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report

We were seeking to keep the 14-17″ class of fish, but they’re really not that easy to find.  The vast majority of our walleyes were between 18-21″.  The north end of the lake is still the place to be for size, numbers, and consistency right now.  However, if you want to catch some nice fish AND see NEXT TO NO BOATS…the east end is still worth a shot.

Lake Sakakawea Fishing Reports

Tight lines everyone!

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