Skeeter WX ReviewI love my Skeeter WX2190 boat.  To be blatantly honest, what worries me most about writing this review is having to KNOCK ON WOOD 100 times throughout the process.  I really don’t care what boat you have, with so much going on it’s bound to have issues at some point.  That’s just a part of owning a boat or anything for that matter…just set aside some time and money for maintenance and repairs.  So now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk Skeeter boats!

I bought my Skeeter WX2190 boat in 2013, the year that the new hull came out.  It had some hiccups in the beginning, some that wasn’t really the boats problem but the trolling motor (to be exact).  But once I ironed out the kinks and got down to fishing, it’s a phenomenal boat.

I chose my boat colors directly from the factory.  I like the color green, most notably, dark or forest green so the decision to go that route for me was easy.  I spent a lot of time changing colors, layouts, etc. but this scheme kept coming back to me.  What’s funny is they called me multiple times to make SURE it was the colors I wanted.  I guess green doesn’t have good resale?  Oh well, I wanted green so let’s roll that dice. 😉  But enough on the colors, let’s talk about the inside…

Skeeter WX2190

What I really liked about the boat at the time was the layout.  Many of the competing boats in it’s class had big storage lockers that stuck out in the back, leaving you very little foot room.  With the Skeeter WX2190, it’s flush along the walls, leaving you a TON of open space in the back (101 inch beam).  I don’t use the back seats, simply because I don’t have to.  It comes equipped with jump seats already, so I can seat 4 without an issue.  I like to do a lot of trolling, so having space in the back is crucial.  Also, I do a lot of casting and pitching in the spring and fall, so having a large platform in the front AND the back is nice.  We do a little musky fishing and 3 guys can swing in any direction because of the 2 platforms…nice.

Skeeter Review

Picture from Skeeter Boats

The hull, in my opinion, is one of the best on waves I’ve ever ridden in for a boat in it’s class.  I fish the big waters of North Dakota often such as Lake Sakakawea, Devils Lake, and Lake Oahe.  These lakes don’t play around when it comes to wind.  That’s the main reason I went with this boat in the end, as I didn’t want to be afraid to hit these big lakes in the wind.  I fish tournaments, and often you simply don’t have a choice…when it’s go time, it’s go time.

It has 1 giant livewell, and a side livewell; with a baitwell in the front.  On the step up into the top deck, it opens up into a cooler (I like that).  There’s a lot of storage in the boat all around.  One thing I would like to see changed is the rod locker layout.  It’s wide open, but has wires towards the front.  Your rods will tangle without rod socks.  I have thought about customizing it with tubes, but haven’t gotten to that yet.  Other then that it has a lot of storage all around, although I would love to see an option without the 2nd livewell and more tackle storage.  My personal preference, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

My boat was equipped with the Yamaha 300.  LOVE this motor!  It’s quiet, reliable, and fairly efficient when you’re not running full throttle.  It’s not a FAST motor, in fact, my boat on a good day will do 54-55 mph.  That’s considered slow in it’s class, but only a handful of times during the year does that matter to me (usually on tourney days).  Now I haven’t messed around with props like a lot of guys.  I don’t need to spend a grand for an extra 1-2 mph, no biggie to me.  It’s smooth and like stated, takes waves like a champ.  I call it a tank, a.k.a. the Green Machine, for a reason.  And yes, the boat is quite heavy.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the Skeeter WX2190 boat.  There’s a reason I’m still running it 5 years later…it’s a great boat.


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