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It’s COLD all over – making ice, finally…

Walleye Ice Fishing Tips for Midwinter

When it gets cold…find the reservoirs

BIG Pike Starting to School


  • 66 Total People Rescued from Ice Floes North of Sturgeon Bay
  • 473 Snow Geese Harvested in Mack’s Prairie Wings Contest
  • Ice fisherman captures rare video of wolves hunting down coyote

River Backwater Fishing

Will We Ever See Cheap Ammo Again?

Gearing up for Spring Snows

Shed Hunting Season – When it ain’t too fricken cold

When will we be fishing the rivers in the Midwest

Canada closed through April – Not looking good for resorts

Is there such a thing as too cold of beer?

Best Ice House Sipper – Recap

Music or No Music Ice Fishing

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