SEASON 2 – Episode 9 – Sponsored by Laughing Sun Brewing & Flyway Media

Went Ice Fishing Today – 2 New Lakes

Open water everywhere in the Dakotas

Time to Build a Smitty Sled

What Other Mods for Ice Fishing Sleds?

Need New Lights in Ice House for Filming – Suggestions?

Fishing tournament season sign ups starting

Casino Cup Website Almost Ready to Rock to the Public

NWT Tournaments – Looking Ahead

Boat projects/upgrades

Will the state record walleye fall this spring / northern pike record?


  • Boxer Caleb Truax big on ice fishing
  • New Hampshire sportsmen set new bear-hunt record
  • Wisconsin announces 1st wolf hunting season since 2014
  • Minnesota’s free youth fishing weekend a success

Seeking out new bibs for ice fishing….suggestions?

Perch ice fishing techniques

What does this open water in January mean for upcoming spring snows?

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