5 – 17 The Big Muddy Tournament Preview Podcast

fishing tournament podcast

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Big Muddy Week

Tales from the Chub Tank

Bass Angler Loses 100k in a Tournament

House Bill HB 1538 Passed for ND – Both House/Senate Passed

When Jig Color Matters…or Does It?

Best Cranks for Trolling Cranks Shallow for Walleyes

Tiger Trout – Does ND Really Need Them?

2nd Half

Best Boat Accessories 2023

Are Trim Tabs REALLY Necessary?

Jack Plates for Hole Shots

Best Way to Slow Down a Boat (When Motor Alone Cannot)

Are Anchors Obsolete?


Landowner Story About the Funny Text

What’s Cooking on the Stone

If You WERE to Drink on the Boat – What Would It Be?

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