There’s just something about spring turkey hunting that gets in your blood.  It’s not just a chance to kill something, it’s a whole experience in the woods.  The sights, sounds, and smells of the spring can really get an outdoorsman excited. 

Besides turkey calls, the most important piece of equipment in the field is a quality turkey hunting vest.  If you search, you will find A LOT of options which can be a bit overwhelming.  So we took the time to research and use some of the best of the best turkey hunting vests we could find on the market and came up with a list of turkey vests.  If you feel we’re missing a product, we’d love to hear about it in our comments.  So with that being said, good luck this spring and remember to sit still, call only when necessary and shoot straight!

Tenzing Turkey Hunting Vest with Seat

This is my editor’s pick for the nicest turkey hunting vest on the market right now.  This turkey vest is LOADED with features, almost too many to mention.  Not only is it a great vest, but it comes with a really nice seat cushion built right in making the long sits very comfortable out in the woods or field.  And the storage is unbelievable with pockets galore for everything from your striker turkey calls to hand warming pockets.  It currently comes in a couple camo patterns, and it can be used for hunting coyotes, waterfowl, big game, etc.  You’re going to love owning this, and I’m sure you will end up talking your buddies into one too!

PROS:  Great seat cushion, tons of storage, and an adjustable spring loaded backrest which is very unique.

CONS:  This turkey hunting vest weighs just under 12 pounds, so it’s a bit bulky.  It also has magnets holding the cushion which could be a bit bigger and stronger.

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam NWTF Turkey Hunting Vest

Another great option compared to the other editors choice is this beauty of a turkey hunting vest, made by ALPS.  This is another fully featured vest that comes with everything you need to hunting turkeys. 

First off, it has a nice backrest that has a kickstand style frame to keep you comfortable and stable.  It also has a nice seat cushion, which I highly recommend if you plan on sitting for longer periods of time out in the field.  And again, I love the storage and this thing has a ton.  It has pockets for just about everything including cell phones, water bottles, calls, etc.  It comes in multiple camouflage options depending on the terrain you’re hunting.  And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is nice when a company stands behind their products.

PROS:  This turkey vest has a lot of storage, stable backrest, nice seat cushion, and a game carrier so you don’t have to carry your turkey all the way to the truck.  Also, it’s considerably lightweight compared to similar turkey hunting vests on the market.

CONS: A bit clunky for running and gunning

Beard Buster SD Ground Lb Turkey Hunting Vest & Chair

If you’re looking for a full featured turkey hunting vest that doubles as a chair without breaking the bank, you may want to give the Beard Buster line a closer look.   There are many things I like about this vest and I will start with an ultra thick padded seat.  I can’t stress this enough for any outdoor adventure when it comes to sitting on the ground.  And it comes with plenty of storage and pockets for all your turkey hunting gear.  I don’t see why you couldn’t use this for big game and waterfowl either.  The support system on the back doesn’t look as strong as some, and is why I didn’t rank it at the top.   But for the price, this full featured turkey hunting vest is worth adding to your list.

PROS:  Great seat and a lot of storage – the price tag is about right as well.

CONS:  Doesn’t have a strong support for your back compared to similar style vests and it’s no padded on the straps which could pull on you if you’re carrying a lot of weight.

Primos Gobbler Turkey Hunting Vest

Primos is well known for making innovative and high quality turkey hunting gear so I had to have this turkey hunting vest added to the list.

First off, the price is right as it retails for much less than others on the market.  With so many expensive hunting items these days, it’s nice to find one that can fit into everyone’s budget. 

This turkey vest has plenty of pockets for just about everything, including calls, drinks, strikers, etc.  It also features a large back pocket which allows you to easily take your bird out of the field.  I’ve used this vest for waterfowling, and I can fit an entire limit of ducks in it so it’s very roomy. 

The seat cushion, while smaller then most, is detachable so you can decide whether or not you want to use it.  I don’t find that cushion to be the best, but again for the price, it is what it is.  It comes in multiple sizes so it’s not a one size fits all design like some.

PROS:  Comes in multiple camo patterns, has good pocket locations and has a fair price.

CONS:  Smaller cushion and it does run a bit big on sizing so keep that in mind.  For smaller guys, the vest may run too big.

Hunters Specialties Undertaker Turkey Hunting Vest

If you’re looking for turkey hunting vest with a lifetime warranty, then keep your eye on the Undertaker by Hunters Specialties.  I’m always interested when a manufacturer goes with the lifetime warranty because you know they’re going to build it right with that in mind.   

The durability on this turkey vest is awesome, you can tell by all reinforced stitching and padding on this model.  Like most turkey vests, it comes equipped with tons of storage.  Pockets on top of pockets, can there ever be too many??? 

The seat is removable, but the padding is a bit thin.  This may or may not matter to most, but I’m kind of picky because I like to sit for longer than most.  The one thing I would change is the camo for our area up north.  We don’t have a lot of green foliage during the spring-like down south, so this tends to stick out a bit more for us northerners.

PROS:  Great turkey vest for the price, lifetime warranty, and plenty of pockets

CONS:  Seat is a bit thin for my liking, and I like more padding in the back when lying against trees.

So there you have it! The top turkey hunting vests of 2019. We will keep our eyes open for more offerings coming unto the market, and update as they are released. As always, we base our reviews on features, durability, price, and more. We’re not paid by any manufacturer for our reviews, we scour the Internet looking for the best turkey hunting gear we can find. Please comment below if you agree or disagree with our list, or if we’ve somehow missed any turkey vests that should’ve been included. Good hunting everyone.

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