Now here is a prime example of a simple product that saves your back (and time).

The Eskimo Ice Anchor Drill Adapter is an amazing tool for drilling in your ice anchors with your power drill.  It’s simple.  You just connect the ice anchor adapter with your drill, and in seconds your ice anchors are FIRMLY in place.  No more spinning and spinning and spinning with your hands, only to find out it’s still not in place.

The adapter is designed to work with any ice anchors, and is made of welded steel construction.  It will fit with ANY power drill.  These have been around for 3 or 4 years now, but recently a buddy was using them with his hub ice house and it worked SLICK.

The main purpose is to use ice anchors with pop-up style hub ice houses.  On windy days, having the corners staked down is a MUST.  But ice anchors ALSO work for any flip-over style ice house with a little ingenuity.  Simple attach 4 foot rope to the sled of your ice house and tie the other end to a firmly attached ice anchor.  No more worrying about your ice house blowing away!

I found this video that shows how it works.  It’s not professional grade, but it does the trick. 😉

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