Every once in a while, you find yourself with a product that is just too good not to share…and this crankbait storage idea is one of those items.  Let me begin.

Big Crankbait Storage Tray

What most of my crankbait storage looks like…

I have a crankbait addiction, seriously.  I have no idea how many I have or would want to know all I have invested…it’s pretty bad.  But with that being said, I use my crankbaits – A LOT, so that’s how I justify them. I love to troll walleyes and I write about my experiences often.

Historically, I have traditional styles of crankbait trays.  While I’m not here to knock other crankbait boxes, but they all kind of suck.  When you stack them full of crankbaits, it takes FOREVER at times to pull one out because it’s attached to 6 others.  But all joking aside, that’s the reality of most fishermen.  Fast forward to today…

Last month, I was doing some research for custom walleye Bandits.  I was testing them out for mid-summer walleye trolling.  While I was in the process of purchasing some through a website, I stumbled upon this crankbait tray.  It looked cool and was only 10 bucks, so I thought heck, why not.  I didn’t really expect to fall in love with it, but I did and just ordered another 8 more.

Let’s breakdown why I love this crankbait storage box:

  1. It’s affordable – as stated, it’s only $10.
  2. It’s built well – it’s thick plastic and after some abuse is still like new.
  3. BIG STORAGE – you can fit any BIG crankbaits in it.  Bandits, Reef Runners, #11 Flicker Minnows & Taildancers, Rapala Husky Jerks, etc. all fit in this thing.
  4. Drain Vents – Each slot has 2 holes in it that allows moisture to drain out…brilliant!

Crankbait Storage IdeasDid I mention it’s built well???  But seriously, I give this thing a serious 5 STARS and I’d give it 6 if I could.  No prostaff, No BS – just a great BIG crankbait box.

I’m not positive on the “official name” of the box, but it’s made by Amish Outfitters ( Doubled Sided Tray ). I found mine online at FISHUSA.COM for $9.99 and the shipping was reasonable.

I broke this review down in a video as well below – enjoy.

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  1. What is dimensions of crank bait case.

    • I will have to measure, it’s not specified. It has 7 large slots on each side, 14 large crankbaits total.

  2. Where to buy


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