Over the past couple of years, I’ve been hearing about these Bandits that were catching consistent big bites on Lake Erie. As an avid walleye angler and troller, I was intrigued. As this summer approached, the big walleyes go deep. You need baits that not only get deep, but catch fish. Welcome to the world of Bandit fishing lures. Traditionally, I thought of them as a bass fishing lure company, but that’s obviously changing.

When I started my research for deep diving Bandits, I started searching for bandits and custom bandits on Amazon.  I found a wide selection of colors, a couple customs even at a good price.  From there, I went to Google and WOW did I find a lot when searching for custom bandits.  I’m a junky, I will admit it…I bought from 3 of them.  After I filled a tackle tray of cranks with colors that work well on the lake we were targeting, the infamous Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota.  I happen to live only an hour away, it’s a lake I fish often.  With 5 days ahead of us, we planned to do a lot of DEEP walleye trolling.  So with that, our quest to test out the Bandits against our other favorite styles and brands of walleye crankbaits began.


We started our trip reading our electronics, seeking out schools of baitfish and “arcs” around them.  After doing some research, 28 feet of water was about the key depth.  We suited up our crankbait arsenal, and started letting them fly.  We used planer boards and spread the field from 24 to 32 feet of water via long lining, leadcore, and snap weights.  It didn’t take long to start hearing the clickers roar.


I’m not going to lie, and I’m not sponsored or a pro staff; but those things worked from the get go.  When we ran them side by side over BIG marks on our sonar, the walleye consistently snapped the Bandits.  In fact, most of the time Bandits were the go-to bait.  Now I’m not ignorant to think that this will be the way all of the time, because it won’t.  There’s no bait that is the SUPER LURE, and if there was, everyone would be using them.  But without a doubt, if you’re a deep troller for walleyes…you should have Bandits in your boat.  Not only did it catch most of our fish, but it caught most of the BIG walleyes too.  While the color changed from day to day, the wide wobble action was the ticket.

So with that being said, I’m going to give Bandits the nod as a new tool in my tackle box.  I see them spreading beyond the Great Lakes in a hurry in the near future.  Tight Lines.

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