I’ve never been a big tip up fan for ice fishing.  The main reason, they’ve let me down too often.  How many times has your tip up frozen on you for whatever reason?  It sucks.  And to add insult to injury, your bait is probably gone too…

But what if I told you there was an ice fishing tip up on the market today that is designed for the HARSH elements?  You can have every bell and whistle in the world, but if it’s too cold or windy with blowing snow…they may not work.

2 days ago I was on the ice, with 8 tip ups out.  We’re transitioning from big walleyes to big pike, just that time of year.  It was -5 degrees with around 15-20 mph wind.  And with the recent snow, it was blowing everywhere.  But you know what?  The big pike were biting and there was no time for faulty gear. That is where the HT Polar Pop Up comes in…

The HT Polar Pop Up is an ice fishing tip up that’s designed a bit different than most.  It has a sheath that covers the hole, keeping it insulated.  Take a look at the picture I took, there’s NO WAY a conventional tip up would work that day.  They would’ve covered the entire tip up causing it to freeze up.  

Ice Fishing Tip Up

Besides keeping holes open in frigid conditions, here are some other key points to what I consider the best ice fishing tip up.

  • It has a BIG spool, allowing up to 1500 feet of line.
  • The tip up has a unique positive drag system.
  • The trip is functioned with magnets, making them fully adjustable.
  • The price is alright, retailing around $30.
  • Did I mention they rock in the cold???

Now, even though I consider these the top choice for ice fishing tip ups, they do have a big flaw…they’re fragile.  These aren’t the type of equipment you just throw around and let them bounce around.  Pack these in a bag together, and keep them from banging around.  ONLY then will you get the entire life out of them.

So there you have it!  The best ice fishing tip up currently on the market today.  Don’t agree?  Feel free to chime in down below in the comments.  We welcome any and all reviews on this unique item.

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