Have you ever ended up on your back, looking up, after slipping on the ice?  Well, I’ve been there, more than once. And each time, as I look up the first thing on my mind is, why aren’t I wearing ice cleats???

The reality is, if you’re going to be spending a good time on the ice, you need the best ice cleats you can find.  No more sliding your feet to avoid slipping, walk with confidence.

Now if you’re already an owner of ice cleats and are reading this…chances are, you probably have a cheap pair.  You can walk into most stores that sell them and find cheap options, but they usually suck.

I tend to use the slip on ice cleats for boots.  If you have the right size AND they are a solid pair, they should stay on snug and grip the ice well.  Sounds simple right? I can tell you from owning a half dozen cheap pairs, and a few good ones, that they’re not all created equal.

So don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made and buy the inexpensive, throw away ice cleats.  They won’t last, or won’t work well enough. Do yourself a favor, and take a look at some of these options.

ice fishing cleats

Metal Ice Cleats by LeanKing

If you’re looking for the best ice cleats for the money, you need to give these bad boys a look!  While they come in a variety of colors (which matters little to me), they flat out WORK.  What makes these the best ice cleats for fishing or the outdoors?

  • EASY TO GET ON & OFF – These slip on ice cleats are easy to secure and easy to take off.  I’ve had pairs that took forever, these aren’t too bad.  And they never come off.
  • LOTS OF SPIKES – They have a whopping 18 ice spikes or teeth to secure your feet to the ice.  No little pegs off rubber; these are stainless steel so they’re built to last.
  • TAKES THE COLD – They’re rated down to -49 degrees F so you shouldn’t have to worry about extreme temperatures either.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – They offer a no questions asked refund for a year if you’re not happy…SOLID.
  • PRICE – Typically under $30, these are the right price point for ice cleats for boots or shoes.

It’s hard to find negative reviews on these cleats, and they’re unknown in the fishing world as far as a name brand.  But I have a feeling over time that could change.

Stainless Steel Ice Cleats by Cimkiz

I will be honest, these are almost identical to the LeanKing ice cleats, but in this case, it’s a cheaper model.  Now I’m more familiar with the LeanKing’s and is why I chose those.  However, if you’re looking to take a chance on a cheaper pair…these are the best ice cleats for you.  And I HATE using the word cheap because it doesn’t mean on quality.

  • EASY ON/OFF – Like the other pair, these are also very easy to get on and off.
  • LOTS OF SPIKES – They had to one-up and boast 19 ice spikes.  No shorting on surface area exposed by teeth.
  • GREAT IN THE COLD – They’re rated down to -45 degrees F…so again, no worries on temperatures.
  • GOOD PRICE – These are a hair cheaper than the LeanKing’s by a few bucks.

This is another example (am I sounding like a broken record?) where the reviews are solid.  You just won’t go wrong with either pair noted thus far if you’re ice fishing, hiking, etc.

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Ice Cleats

These are also some slick ice cleats.  Instead of having a large set of LARGE teeth, it has a unique design that makes them very unobtrusive…you hardly know they’re on your feet!  These are great for making long hikes or distances on the ice.  And these are the best ice cleats in terms of not allowing snow/ice buildup on your feet.  Just another example where you hardly notice they’re on your boots!

  • VERY EASY ON/OFF – These have the easiest on/off of all 3 pairs.
  • UNIQUE TRACTION DESIGN – They don’t have teeth but steel aircraft cable which is STRONG.  Not quite the grip as the BIG teeth, but they still hold up very well on the ice by design.  It has hundreds of SMALL teeth that hold tight.
  • DECENT PRICE – These are almost twice the price, but these will last.

If you’re looking for a unique design for ice cleats for boots, especially rubber boots, then you need to give these a look.

I know far too many people that I ice fish with that don’t wear good ice cleats.  It’s a gamble, as eventually, you’re going to hit the ice.  So be cautious the next time you go to a big-box store shopping.  Don’t fall into the crappy cleats trap!  Go metal or go home…

Good luck on the ice!

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