Check the ice thickness chart closely, especially if you plan on ice fishing with a vehicle.  And if you don’t know where you’re going, stay on the chosen path… 😉

Currently, ice fishing has been VERY good this year.  Well above average.  We’ve especially had great success walleye ice fishing as well.  (Updated 01/19)

It’s that time of year.  Mother Nature has kicked winter into high gear, sending temperatures well below freezing.

Up in North country, they’ve already seen negative single digits at times.  We’re talking some serious ice making weather.  And now we’re expecting even more cold weather, causing more ice thichness.

And with that being said, fishermen are getting the itch to get out ice fishing…but PLEASE use your best judgement.  For example, I saw on Facebook today that a guy had his 3 kids out on 2 inches of ice.  Come on now guys, let’s not jump the gun.  While getting kids out in the outdoors is important, putting their lives at risk…isn’t.

With that being said, the general ice thickness chart (published by the Minnsota DNR), is pretty standard.

While this is a general rule of thumb, ALWAYS be on the cautious side.  For example, I don’t take my ATV on the ice until I see at least 7 inches.  It’s just not worth it, especially if you run into a patch of 3 or less inches.

So get out in the outdoors, and remember, ice fishing saftey starts with YOU. Use your head, and more often then not…stay close to shore.

Tight Lines everyone!

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