6-1 The Podcast is Back in a New Season

North Dakota Governors Cup

Montana Governors Cup

Dakota Walleye Classic

Max Wilson Pulls Off NWT Win

Yar-craft Releases New 210 Model – First Takes

Best Places To Camp in North Dakota

2nd Half

Tales from the Chub Tank

Best Discontinued Crankbaits

Hook Line & Sinker in Beulah, ND for Sale

How to Make a Bait Shop Work in 2023?

Shout Out To Those Helping Our Tourney Season So Far

  • West Dakota Lumber

  • Zack Shack Fish House’s

  • Joe Belo – Dakota Community Insurance

  • The Foss’s of North Country Marine

  • Doug, Jo, and Chad Woehl

4 Bears Casino Tourney Ahead

Then Championship at 4 Bears

Yar-craft Owners Tourney in Garrison, ND in September

What’s Cooking in Dad’s Kitchen?

Used Boat Prices Are Dumb

New Business Coming To North Dakota That’s Popular in the South

Biden Withholding Funding for Schools that Have Hunting or Archery Programs

Anything More Punishing Than Long Island Teas?

Best Tournament Boat Snacks

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