5-24 En Fuego Fishing Episode – That Good


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Brought to you by DH Custom Baits – That Good

Kick it Off with Sakakawea

Van Hook Classic – Upper End of Sakakawea

Casino Cup in Devils Lake

Tales from the Chub Tank

Best Boat Accessories Continued in 2023

  • Rod Holders that WORK for You

  • Depth Finder Mounts

  • Rod Sleeves

  • Rod Racks

  • Tool Racks

Are Drift Socks Obsolete?

2nd Half

Best Size Boat Cooler, If at All???

Lead Core vs. Snap Weights?

Best Trolling Reel Hustad Won’t Break?

What are the Whackos Up to???

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

The Great Fish Breading Debate

Best Seasonings Nobody Has Heard Of

Best Hot Sauces Nobody Has Heard Of

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