5-20 The Fishing & Camping Special

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Big Muddy Snubbed from Target Target

Is June the Best Fishing Month in the Midwest?

When Do You Switch From Jigs to Rigs?

Does Jig Color REALLY Matter Anyways?

Best Ways to Transport Fresh Fish?

Tales from the Chub Tank

Would You Pay for a Chub Tank Kit?

Tournament Season Has Doubled

2nd Half

Camping & Camper Essentials

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • Fully Stocked Bar

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Blackstone

  • Portable Lantern

  • LOTS of Wood

  • Coolers for Days

  • Bed Toppers (Cuz Camper Beds SUCK)

  • Backup Fuses

  • Water Filtration Kits

  • Having 2 Air Conditioners for Bigger Campers

  • BEDS for Days (However you can)

  • No Bug Spray Needed in Nodak

  • LOTS of Chairs

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Too Many New Crankbaits – Don’t Text Me

Chemicals in Agriculture and Housing Affecting Bait and Fish Populations

What Fishing Reel is Hustad-Proof?  (First Shimano Tekota Bites the Dust)

Trolling Reel Combo Options?

Best Ice Cube Songs

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