5-18 The Black Market Bait Podcast – Walleye Tournament Brings Bait Shortage


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Tales from the Chub Tank

Minnow Shortage is Real – When Does a Guy Start Trapping His Own?

When Does It Pay to Do a Freezer Setup

Virtual Scouting

On X Possibilities

Boat Accessories continued…

Glove Box Size

Are Baitwells DEAD?

Best Rod Storage Boat Layouts

Carpet Should Be Discontinued

Rail Accessory what does a guy need?

2nd Half

Crankbait Storage Ideas

College Sporting Clays Team Coming to U of Mary in Bismarck

High School Fishing Teams Needed Statewide

Still Geese All Over Nodak If You Scout Hard

Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Alberta Holding the Majority

Best Ways to Lose Weight When You Get Old

  • Small Portions

  • No Sugar

  • Drink Water

  • Moderate Excercise

  • Don’t Eat Before Bed

Good Luck Big Muddy Tournament peeps

What’s Cookin On The Stone

Best Outside the Box Grilling Item

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