5-6 Shamrocks and Shenanigans


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Shamrock Shake is Back at McDonald’s

Countdown to Mille Lacs Trip…hearing good reports but bad weather ahead

What date will the Missouri River be ice-free this year?

What date will the first snow goose get harvested in North Dakota?

Best portable hard ice house? Zack Shack in our opinion

Fiberglass boats you don’t hear about

Best boat for the money? Glass? Tin?

Most reliable outboard motor, ever?

2nd Half

Graphene Batteries…will they replace Lithium???

Graphene coupled with an alternator

Are all braids the same?

Best jig style for pitching?

Why are eggs cheap again?

Will Gas ever be cheap again?

How far are electric outboard motors out?

Food Essentials for Ice Camping?

What Gear is Essential for Ice Camping?

Best French Fries?

Best Chicken Wings?

Go-To Fancy Cocktail?

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