4-31 We Got Snow Edition – Ice Fishing Podcast

ice fishing podcast

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Current Ice and Snow Conditions in the Region

Tracked Machines are Pretty Much Mandatory

Holiday Wrap Up

Finicky Fish to Start – How Do You Adjust?

  1. Size down
  2. Full Minnow vs. Minnow Head
  3. Plain Hook vs. Lure
  4. Using Floro When Necessary

How Thick is the Ice on Lake Audubon?

Ice Fishing Safety


  • Ilinois Grants For Fishing for Vets Among Others


  • Maine Looking to Overturn Sunday Hunting Ban Over Right to Food Law


  • Sturgeon Bay Ice Anglers Stranded on Floating Ice


Where Are The Canada Geese??? Not Here!

Still a Few Mallards Around Believe it Or Not

Coyotes are Getting Noticeably Thicker

2nd Half

Best Ice Fishing Boots?

Lamps vs. Strip Lights in Ice houses

Best 4 Seasons Bibs?

Lowrance Active Target 2 vs. Garmin Panoptix Plus

Don’t Buy the Stop Light Bobber from Clam…Junk

Tournament Plans for 2023

How Do You Make PRIME RIB Right

Homemade Cotton Candy Ice Cream – It’s the Bomb Diggity

New Year’s Plans?  Huber is on the Loose…

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