Topics this week include:

Fishing Tomorrow – Change in our Chub Rigs & Testing New Cranks

Hot Fall Weather This Week

Pheasant Opener

SD Waterfowl Opener

Chronic Wasting Disease

Salmon spawn on Big 3 

Snow Geese Already Showing in the State

Where are the cranes?

Jamie Risovi Catch & Release Story

Waterfowl hunters reminded to clean, drain, and dry boats

When Do You Predict Freeze Up?

More New Ice Gear Coming Out

Ice Fishing Show in Sioux Falls in mid-November

NWT on Lake Erie

Loving my new Lacrosse Boots

RYG hoodies on sale REAL soon

When will I give up on my chub tank this winter?

How much is too much for waders?

Why are fish species found in creeks of lakes and rivers illegal to use as bait?

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