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2-36 – The Fishing Slump Episode

Season 2 – Episode 36 The Fishing Slump Edition – Sponsored by Flyway Media

What is a fishing slump, cuz I’m in one…

How to Re-Evaluate Your Fishing

Tales from the Chub Tank

Lake Mille Lacs Minute

Is it Leadcore Season yet?

I Stress Again…Crankbait Size Matters

When is the Water Too Hot for Musky Fishing?


  • Drum Fishing Tournaments a Thing in KS

  • China To Pause Their Fishing Fleet???

  • Fargo is Keeping their Urban Deer Hunting

Sporting Clays – Renner’s New Thing

2nd Half

Special Mate Tackle Box

Ammo Starting to Come in Stock

Fishing Stock Dwindling FAST

Fishing Kayaks are Blowing Up

A new model of boats or lack thereof 

Best Kabob Ingredients

Steaks – Marinade or Dry Rub?

How About Ribs?

Best Kids Cereal


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