4-7 – The Walleye Tournament Edition Podcast

walleye tournament podcast

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New boat discussion

What boat features are essential today?

Fishing Tournament Season in Full Swing

Tales from the Chub Tank

Unique Ways to Rig Chubs

Bottom Bouncers Don’t Cash Checks

Air Wave Seats – Are They Worth It?

Best Flooring for Boats?

2nd Half

How to Take Trolling Game to the Next Level

Mille Lacs Minute 

Mosquitoes are bad… the best way to combat them?

How about biting flies?


  • Fishermen’s Boat Capsizes in Alaska, Spend Overnight on Shore


  • 17-year-old Female Wins High School Bass Fishing Championship


  • Staten Island NY Has Countless Fish Dieoff – Their DEC Won’t Comment


What’s Cooking on the Stone

To Drink on the Boat, or Not?

Best Boat Snacks

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