4-4 The It’s Almost Summer Edition

walleye fishing podcast

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Cherry Fandango is BACK baby!

Best Antique lures found in your shop or garage?

MAJOR Flooding in Montana – What does this mean?

Short Lining Crankbaits

Best Way to Organize Crankbaits

Tales from the Chub Tank

Camping Season Starting


  • What do you know about Ocean Fish Farms?

Advocates for Sustainable Fishing Address Biden in Open Letter

  • Most Popular Fishing Lure of All Time?


  • Maine Still at War Legally Over Hunting on Sunday


2nd Half

Best Place for a Fishing Bachelor’s Party?

Best Place for a Family Fishing Vacation?

Mille Lacs Minute – Still Can’t Keep Squat Til September

Best Way to Prevent Sunburns While Fishing?

What is the “coolest” fishing clothing available?

Father’s day gifts?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Worst Fast Food?

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