Podcast Episode 4 – 9 – The Dog Days of Summer Episode

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Fishing on Sakakawea, Especially the Van Hook, is EN FUEGO

Best Water Spot Remover for Boats?

How to Manage Your Fuel on LONG Run Days?

Tales from the Chub Tank

Early Season Canada Goose Hunting 2022 – Starts August 15th in North Dakota

2nd Half

How do you determine baits and colors for Salmon Fishing?

How Big is a BIG Salmon?

Mille Lacs Minute


  • Big Kitty Caught in Idaho! (State Record Material)


  • Michael Jordan Wins Again in Big Fishing Tournament


  • New Hunter Apprentice Program in Utah


Don’t Love my 8.5 foot bait rod anymore…boat problems

What is the best live bait rod for walleye fishing?

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

Why is Busch Light so Popular?

Best Boat Snacks?

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