4-21 The 101st Episode Edition Podcast


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We missed our 100th podcast, so here’s to 101!

Breaklines & Firing Lines Newsletter Launched

Cheaters Exposed on Lake Erie Fishing Tournament

Broke out the shotgun for duck hunting opener week

Tales from the Chub Tank

Best Way to Winterize Your Boat?

How About Winterizing Your Camper?

How Thick is the Ice on Lake Audubon?

Prepping for Early Ice

2nd Half

Coyotes are Thick, Is That a Dying Breed of Hunter?

Fox are Scarce in Western ND


  • Hurricane Ian Ravishes Fishing Fleet


  • How to Hunt Waterfowl Without Worries of Avian Flu?


  • North Dakota Wetlands in Much Better Shape Over Last Year


Snow Goose Hatch Will Make for a Fun Fall

What’s Cooking on the Stone?

How to Come Up with New Recipe Ideas for the Kids?

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