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2-30 – We talk A LOT about walleye fishing tactics such as trolling, rigging, and jig rapping. That and so much more!

Season 2 – Episode 30 – Sponsored by Flyway Media

Rapala opened up the paint booth

Bomber as well

Best Lure Tuner?

Where do you start if you’re looking to get into trolling?  Shape?  Size?  Colors?

Best ways to slow down a fast trolling boat?

Troll with or against the wind?

What leader length is ideal for rigging and slow death?

New rigging ideas?  Can rigging make a strong comeback?  Or has it been here for years…

2nd Half

Field testing a new lure prototype…will it work???

Ways to increase the bites on jigging raps?  Too many you don’t feel…

Crawlers, worm bedding, and hunting for your own


  • Rare Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass Caught in TX Turns Out to Be a World Record

  • LOTS of Upcoming FREE Fishing Weekends (TX, IA, WY….etc)
  • 1000 lb. Bear Almost Kills 2 Hunters in Alaska

Tales from the Chub Tank

Best FooFoo Drink of All Time

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