Season 2 – Episode 19 Topics

Shore Fishing has been good

Renner’s Diet & Hustad’s Semi-Diet

Snow Geese are being lazy, still…


  • Luke Bryan gets a hook in his hand on Social Media
  • Woman Wins Bow Fishing Trip – Got Taken Away By a Church
  • Man Tries to Make Hunting Camp Explode

Chubs are Starting

Warm Weather Ahead – Morel Season Approaching

Walleye Grilling and other seafood grills 

Who uses spinners anymore? Why Not?

Who Makes Their Own Rigs? (blades, slow death, SPOONS???)

Best net on market? 

Let’s talk Whiskey

Crankbait Craze Lately on the Rivers

Best Camouflage EVER

Ammo Getting EVEN Shorter

Should We Do Apparel?  Fishing Shirts?  Hoodies?  Face Shields?

Biggie Vs. Tupac?

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