5-5 Winter Rolls On – Ice Fishing, Snow Geese, Gear Reviews


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Solid Ice at Mille Lacs – Ice Holding Up

Trip Planning Season for Canada, etc

Saw first chub creek opening-up

New Lures Coming Out That Intrigue Us

  • Money Badger

  • Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crankbait

  • WNC Lil Reaper

Snow Goose Migration Stalling Due to Cold Weather…Shocker

Ground Blinds vs Whites vs Panel Blinds for Spring Snow Geese

Abu Garcia Bluetooth Technology to Rods

2nd Half

What’s important in a Livescope or Active Target Shuttle for Features?

Rod Holder Pros and Cons

Best Trolling Fishing Line and Leaders

Saegar 101 TactX Braid Fluorocarbon Combo

Do Premium Fishing Hooks Make a Difference?

Do You See Red? (Do Red Hooks Matter?)

What’s Important in a Bar or Pub to Make it a Regular Place?

Best Bar Food

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Give Shout Outs to… Flyway Media Outfitter Logic West Dakota Lumber in Hazen, ND for sponsoring us for the DWC Catch Your Moment Foundation River

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