Jason is Losing Weight

Ice is Fading FAST – 70-80 degree temps in sight

  • Missouri River Still a Popular Destination – Water Will Warm Up Fast
  • Rainy River in MN is Going
  • Still Too Early for Chubs – Where Are They?
  • Where are the snow geese in the Dakotas?

Creek Chubs – Best Way to Keep Alive Short & Long-Term

Shore Fishing – What are some must-haves?


  • Fortnite Adds Fishing to the Mix in the Game
  • Auburn Bass Fishing Team Suspended for Covid Violations
  • Outdoor Life Takes a Shot at MeatEater


Best Way to Clean Out Your Freezer of Wild Game (Game Feed?)

Deer Steak – Jerky or Cook as Steaks?

Turkeys are Starting to Strut

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