Season 2 – Episode 6 – Brought to you by Laughing Sun Brewing

Ice is going to be downright sketchy in places

Ice Castle boys are in trouble throughout Midwest…no ice

Northern stretches of ND/MN most popular with closure of border and Lake Winnipeg from US

Hunting season winding down

Review of the Pistol Bit / Dewalt Combo

Review of the Otter Cottage

Review of the Otter Resort

Best ice fishing clothes (outer layer)

How do you hook your minnow while ice fishing?

When to use a full minnow…when to use a minnow head.

Ice fishing rod size and action

What rod case for these longer rods?

When to hub and when to use a flip over ice house?

Best ice fishing reel

What is your go-to technique for triggering bites?  Species dependent?

Coyote hunting heating up

No late season for Pierre, SD boys (geese never really made it down)

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