Season 2 – Episode 3 Topics

Ice Fishing Season is Upon Us

How much ice do YOU need to start walking on?

Ice Fishing Accessories

Vexilar vs Helix vs Garmin

Favorite Winter Cocktails

Best Ways to Use a lot of Venison (freezer cleanout time).

K-Drill vs Pistol Bit

Milwaukee vs. DeWalt

Best portable ice house right now? 1-man? 2-man? 3-man? Hub?

Best ice cleats

Warm Weather Ahead – Get the Boat Out???

BBQ – To Sauce or Not to Sauce?  What makes a sauce if you do???

STEAKS – Sauce or not?  (same shit….but seriously…don’t say ketchup)

Smoked/Grilled/cast iron?

Mid-rifle season update

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