Matzuo Death Roll Hooks Review

Slow Death hooks are here to stay in the walleye world, as they’ve proven time and time again the past so many years that they just flat out work.  My tackle box is FULL of various slow death hooks…I feel like I’ve tried them all.  To be fair, any slow death hook will give you an advantage in the water over a traditional hook.  But line twist can happen, A LOT, to the point that it’s just flat out annoying.  And that’s where the Matzuo Death Roll hooks (a.k.a. Rip ‘n Roll hooks) come into play.  They have a swivel attached to the hook to eliminate any possibility of line twist…sweet.  They also have a wider gap in the hook, creating a wider wobble then most hooks I’ve tested.

Rigging a slow death hook is easy.  I use bottom bouncers and attach a 3-5 foot leader to the hook.  To rig the slow death, simply stick the hook through the head and thread it through the body.  Depending on the size of the crawler, normally the hook should come out just after the collar of the worm.  Then, leave about 1.5 inches beyond the hook and pinch off the rest of the crawler.  This is just flat out deadly.  In dirty water, we also use beads and Smile Blades to give more flash.

If you’re not using slow death in your walleye arsenal, you’re missing out.  I used to run spinners back in the day but I find slow death hooks will outfish them most days.  Good luck and good fishing…


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